A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?


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Some down home baptist gospel blues, Last year in Los Angeles at One In Christ Bible Church..(Non-denominational) Where i enjoy service and play music….enjoy peace

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Daily Panoramic: Culver City XII

2013-04-04 13.14.54-004

I  had a chance to do some research  Yoskay Yamamoto is the dude!!! who painted and gave us this wonderful piece…. I added the youtube link which i found…


Yoskay Yamamoto


The implications are so nasty..Beeping Absurdity

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Warning  Not for easily offended!  It could wreck you childhood memories 

Can you play this only once?

When I’m alone I beeeeeeep myself……..


Sunday’s Post: Goal

Well my goal is to follow-up on writing Sunday post for every Sunday on subject.  This is my second post in two months…I KNOW!!! bad blogging. Ain’t I a stinker?


Continuing with my Friday’s challenge…. Post your Guess or Not (with most choosing the latter)

I am not deterred! I offer additional information.

Blue Ribbon GardenA post!..and it reads…..

Nope! Not gonna tell you…


But also this Video of a Beautiful Work of Art by…..? and for ?

This sits in the back.. across the street from the friday’s post Across the street from the glare & heat

Ok so…. you have and idea of where it’s at. So what is the big silvery sanded thingy?  gonna wait until you see the pictures?

Or any guesses?

Song Title “Rosily”

Better days, ah coming again…

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Old School

This is what i was doing in 1980…I played bass guitar on this track ..

I give thanks for a rich life, still kicking tires and flushing toilets.


From Taxie