A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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arr. day in rain.

Off to work

Off to work


Monday I had gotten a call from a good client/friend..?

Wow.. I’ve been fixing his computer for years. His daughter was seven years old, when I 1st met Afshin.. Now  she  a teenager..Same computer  Wow Afshin’s cheap…Haha

Actually with proper service  a computer can last for years. I think i replaced the power supply once over the years and add memory and upgraded to a  DVD burner for the him and that’s since  2007..

Well he called me,on  monday, It had died. …

Thursday i finally had a chance to get out to San Pedro. It was raining,  cat and donkeys

Yes! I’m a kook about rain..Love it! being in it! out of it ! watching it inhaling it. I dig it!   So out i head to the coast and it’s dropping! see!  I was hoping, he would not cancel…. But i got out and played in the rain.

End of story…


Oh…. the computer. dead…..DED. XP OS,  Hard drive baked! COOKED!  Had to drive to store, bought a new 1tb(terabyte) drive (59.00) Put it in,  and loaded and upgrade  to windows 7, 64bit, installed 4 gb’s of ram,mcafee’d it …slapped it on the rump.  It burpped and came on…windows…. chimes.

Happy client happy techy


Ok now… end of story..

Yay  day

Yay day


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Your Story: Morning, What field do you work in?

You Story Challenge: Morning Property of Sethsnap

Thanks   Sethsnap

I wake each day with god’s blessing and a smile 

Who would have believed 

That this, would be the only white picket fence

For miles

So unique, the skies hue’s

They  are changing  from green to blue

I’m up with my roosters  with  coffee for a  meal

Time to get my butt working


this is one large ass  field


Better days, ah coming again…

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Old School

This is what i was doing in 1980…I played bass guitar on this track ..

I give thanks for a rich life, still kicking tires and flushing toilets.


From Taxie

Los Angeles (USC) Memorial Coliseum

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LA Coliseum gameday Oregon 62 USC 51.. 830 am enroute elsewhere..

Los Angeles Figueroa
Los Angeles Coliseum

     HI!!  enroute to a  different gathering had to past and old stomping grounds..I worked here in the parking lot’s as an young teen until and thru collage…another story  with Rams, Raiders, Cheerleaders, Concerts (The Police, Stones ect.)  ahh the delights of being a musician in Lost Angeles the coolness..

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I wrote it a long time ago

Come to Me

If by chance I were to go mad

I’d find a way to think of you

If a tear were to leave your eyes

It would be, a tear of joy

I don’t want you to worry

No problems may you have

All I want, is for you

To come to me

Come, When your sad or lonely

When the oceans were first crossed

It was me, on my way to you

Back in time

When deeds were just done

Many kings would have died for you

I don’t want you to worry

No problems may you have

All I want, is for you

To come to me

Come to me

When your sad or lonely

No funk

Come To me