A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Bikeeeeeeeeeeeeeee: Culver City me likey!!!

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Oh My

Oh My


Caught my fancy

Caught my fancy


My 1st and only bike i bought in Culver City,  a very long time ago..spotted this beauty…

Now i want….bad musician..

I use to ride with bass strapped on my back,  gear rode with Pianist in his truck..the Reggae years




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I5 core processor  16gb of Ram and Asus P8-Z22-V motherboard 85 watts of premium power from a quality manufacture. Big giant ugly case with removable hard drive bays. Multi-Drive DVD/Blue -Ray…Video is build-in intel chip until I can buy one or two monster video-cards .  Built this about two weeks ago…Didn’t have any more  funds, left for the hard drive in the PC budget. I swapped out an old hard drive yesterday.. I got a Western Digital Green,1Tb, sata..non SSD. SSD?  Solid state drive. It’s my next move before i get the video card(s). With this mother board i’m planning to use  a SSD drive for the booting and a regular drive for storage of content and music recording… The word is still out on SSD for music recording. Life cycle is shorter than regular drives. During music creation with the many unused takes, it creates, many lost bits and bytes.. A computer used for music recording,  Fragmentation of the hard drive is an issue.  Defragging of the drive is required  more than you would for general use..  You DO NOT de-frag a SSD drive!

I use Steinberg Cubase  for recording. I upgraded to version six, in November and they sent me seven!!!  Way cool but pricey! (500.00). I will blog about this one day.Asus P8-Z22-V

But why am I giving a gear report? (poorly proofed this one too)

No post yesterday! 😦

I was working on that particular situation.. I’m a gear nut, did not even do what i was suppose to do…Good thing i don’t have kids to pick up from school anymore..

I was suppose to mail my brother a motherboard yesterday……….

Michael i love you….I did not leave the house!

11:39pm, finally, blogging.. feeling so guilty it posted after 12!!!!!

I lied, I’m a fraud,a clerk from the fabrication dept.  da horra, oh the humanity …my blog states,  Post a day.  Not wishing 2 b a Hippocrate

I let you down.. could you..

find empathy

within your heart, to

forgive me…

you read my posts..

God bless your pertinacious spirit.  I’mma learn you yet…(paid 3 dollars for that word)

Bill’s Auto & Truck Repair & Graffiti 2 , Lincoln Heights (El Sereno) Ca,Graffiti Art XVI:

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Bill's Auto & Truck Repair  and Graffiti

Bill’s Auto & Truck Repair and Graffiti2013-01-01 13.13.00










2013-01-01 13.13.03

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Your Story: Blue

Yup it’s Blue

Photograph By Sethsnap Your Story: Blue

The Visioneer is at the fence chatting with his neighbor Harold. Harold’s crying the blues to him.

“V” he says, “you know I’ve  got a beautiful wife!”  Just an angel from heaven. Her tolerances  for me and my crap’ s a blessing and she still fixes me dinner.  I love the woman and you know, there’s nothing i won’t do for her….

Also the reason why we live under a blue roof ..

Visioneer nods ..knowing the story already (neighbor) you gotta let a man, vent…. (also taking pictures)

Harold carries on.

Look around what do you see? all the other roofs are… NOT BLUE!

My brother-in-law,he continued, the contradictory contractor. Always looking for the deals and such.

“My brother got us a deal” …. she say. He only  works one or two jobs a year. Can’t find work.. Can’t  find other people to sell roofing to… yet.  But finds my house to sell me a blue roof!  Real easy!  In his defense, it was a good deal, quality wise but it’s blue.

Did i tell you it’s a photo active collector..  illuminating from the day’s sunlight, transferring heat to pipes at night.. Glows like a beacon, calling him i bet!.. to eat me out of house and home.

My wife would set the plates, sit the kids down.  Open the pot… and he’d be at the front door? sheessh..

I asked him, if he installed food notification sensors. All the time. he laughs….

But I’m serious….

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Going Green: Never-ending terror or Summer low energy use..

I wanted to do a green challenge but I’ve haven’t been mobile lately.. So I wrote a  story about natural green power

(Lack of punctuation model)

The mouse in a hamster wheel running for cheese powering a light so the cat on a treadmill chasing him powers a door that opens so a barking dog on a just a long enough chain  pulling a weight that lift a gate that will let in the Dog catcher who’s in an outer room  to tranquilize  the dog that has rabies but the Dog catcher does not see through the window the Zombies coming down the hill behind him who are running because they smell stupid brains  YUM YUM                                                                                        I’ve Been Long Gone                                                          Period

If You’re  Here Thanks! Don’t forget to turn off the lights we’re Green.. Funkangeles