A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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“It a crazy world” dad!

Loving Saturday live
With Myles,named after Miles, the trumpeter but with a y. This is my last child and heading into young adulthood soon but not in a hurry..I’m good with that.
We’re having pizza in the garage just me and him chatting. I started this morning cleaning the garage and ended up pulling everyone to help…They did a wonderful job! I don’t have a before pic but I got an after.

Funkangele dungen

Clean working

So Myles and I are chomping pizza and talking, talking and Chomping pizza .. My guy is home schooled because of intestinal issues which are improving, Somehow the conversation got to sponges.. I was surprised when I informed him that sponges are a real lifeform and we (humans)harvest them from the ocean floor. ..Well that did it. My guy went bonkers…

Natural Sea sponge

Natural Sea Sponges @play

Left handed guitar play are squish

Un-Natural Sea Sponge @play

Alive?? WHADDA YA MEAN ALIVE? come on dad!!! “Yea” I said, Humans used to harvest sponges from the ocean and use to clean our bodies. “You mean like what’s in the kicthen right now?” “No no”, They make synthetic and so  not much are needed from the ocean any longer.. (lyingshameshame..mygemini)

Sixteen years old, seventeen on Halloween,  five foot seven,  look’s me right in the eyes ..Dad your telling me that  PEOPLE  use spongebob sponges to clean themselves  in the shower and everything???  He didn’t say it,  but here it is,  It’s a crazy worlds dad. He said that but his view he’s imagining aliens coming to earth and decided, humans are better and softer that double or triple ply Scott toilet tissue. “Hey these humans are great! yea They’re squishy and the one with black topping are great for scrubbing”

Yea We both went there…..

I’m having the time of my life internally and not laughing too much in front of him… bwhaaaaaa But!!! I’m dying & my little solder is angry at the world for wiping Cleaning their asses bodies with Spongebob!   OBSCENE DAD!  I’m leaving thanks for lunch…..(me)hahahahahaha

Sponge Lover


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