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Friday’s Fictioneers: Chip away the unneeded piece

In my head


Friday’s Fictioneers: prompt  by Rochelle


Until the end of time

a statue of me with you….  on my mind

love is our tether, for all to see..

to interrupt us, etch in stone….

an impossibility

In my life

I’ve been fortunate

meeting and loving, a perfect mate

my wish is this gift

share love,  live love

enjoy this..


will play

on hundred million days.

lovers three alone *

chip away all unneeded pieces.

Reveal Love…. Chiseled in stone.


*the man the woman the artist

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Your Story: Cold


Photography By Sethsnap: Cold

Ancient Indians

The plains

They’ve  seen the same..

Year after year after year the same thing.

That was.

is still.


This year.

Last year.

Buffalo roaming


elk and dear.

IT’S Fricking cold again!

I’m going to go sleep with hibernating bear.




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arr. day in rain.

Off to work

Off to work


Monday I had gotten a call from a good client/friend..?

Wow.. I’ve been fixing his computer for years. His daughter was seven years old, when I 1st met Afshin.. Now  she  a teenager..Same computer  Wow Afshin’s cheap…Haha

Actually with proper service  a computer can last for years. I think i replaced the power supply once over the years and add memory and upgraded to a  DVD burner for the him and that’s since  2007..

Well he called me,on  monday, It had died. …

Thursday i finally had a chance to get out to San Pedro. It was raining,  cat and donkeys

Yes! I’m a kook about rain..Love it! being in it! out of it ! watching it inhaling it. I dig it!   So out i head to the coast and it’s dropping! see!  I was hoping, he would not cancel…. But i got out and played in the rain.

End of story…


Oh…. the computer. dead…..DED. XP OS,  Hard drive baked! COOKED!  Had to drive to store, bought a new 1tb(terabyte) drive (59.00) Put it in,  and loaded and upgrade  to windows 7, 64bit, installed 4 gb’s of ram,mcafee’d it …slapped it on the rump.  It burpped and came on…windows…. chimes.

Happy client happy techy


Ok now… end of story..

Yay  day

Yay day


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Crucial decisions

No being sure .. hesitant.  He decided, at that very moment! He, was the decision maker.. without thinking about his spouse.

His thinking process, was as follows

They put a man on the moon!

Wine in a box?   hmm.

without reproach

In the cart..he placed it!  

Later that evening

No dang wine boxes!!!

His wife, a daughter of the local glass bottling company owner.

The box and him, for company  was spent in the guest room..

Excerpt from:  Box lover

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Graffiti Art XVIII: American Instigators..

Martin,Barack & Malcolm

I have a dream, to keep hope alive, by any means necessary 

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks

I was tired my damn feet hurt and hell.. I’m old, screw you!  I’m sitting..

Being a beacon  for something  good….

It’ ain’t easy…

 Persistence Resistance  Faith

God bless

Happy King Day



Your Story: Front Yard

The Stump

Photography By Sethsnap. Your Story: The Front Yard

When I came over.. I found him at his desk, looking out. This is his first winter after the military service. The winter months has reduced his mobility with the snow. During the summer you would find him in the yard… always around that stump. Meditating, working out. His room is situated to where he can see out the window as he does pull-up and sit-up, improving  his core for the prosthetic and balance.. 

A few years ago on graduation day he came home and told my aunt that he was following his uncles in the family tradition of duty to country. She was  not happy. His dad (a vet) did tried to discourage him..not having found memories of being a minority in Vietnam but he did his duty and was proud of his boy.  Determined and mind completely made up he left and did two tours of duty…Iraq and Afghanistan. When he left this home years ago the tree was a complete with branches leaves and limbs..  When he returned from the conflict  he was injured. losing a limb to a roadside bomb. The tree had been struck  by lightning and had been cut.

It was a strange occurrence. This particular  night there was a big  thunder storm with lightning, a real lulu of a storm and then pow  the tree was hit.. We live across the street.  It lit up and split and burned until firetrucks came..The next week my uncle  had  it cut &  removed. That also was the  morning they received the call about  Richard being  hurt  in a bombing..

Our family played in that tree from toddling to teens. It was devastating to many of us in the family..But Richard really took it hard…He thought he was being mocked by the fates.. You know stumpy…

On his return, he spent summers in the yard recuperating. This was his first winter home. My visits  to him are cool we  shoot the breezy and do some weight lifting.  I’m thinking the stump is  depressing him, but not my family!

He is happy and  he said he’s  leaving the wheelchair outside until he can walk and move it.  He’s getting fitted for a prosthetic soon.  When he goes out, he leave the house via the rear door, where there are no stairs.

Every day on the way to therapy, he stops at the stairs and declares.  “I’m coming back soon to walk all over you!” and laughs..

He’s going make a table out of  the tree Stump was what he told me……knowing my determined cousin it will have legs…