A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

The honest, poor man’s Lost and Found Report…

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Last seen in the company of a bundle

with similar numbers..

Last know location: Bank, Night club, Bra

Reward negotiable

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P.S. You know it ain’t yours

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Better days, ah coming again…

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Old School

This is what i was doing in 1980…I played bass guitar on this track ..

I give thanks for a rich life, still kicking tires and flushing toilets.


From Taxie

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Man had penis partially severed in bizarre Newport kidnapping –

Man had penis partially severed in bizarre Newport kidnapping –

In a related story…..

UCLA Doctor’s  discover, with great success a way transplant a penis.

Oct 26, 2032 .   Doctors today in Los Angeles  successfully and successively transplanted a penis from a donor  cadaver . Allowing help to  individuals  whom may have been injured. (at this current time it’s only for the injured)  The report went on, Stating “We were amazed at the full range of functionality and control that was achieved by the volunteer 1  and follow-up subject 2.  The doctors believe the subjects will be able to impregnate their spouse..     The subjects, who wish to remain anonymous, reported that sensation and use is exactly the same as when they were born.   Happily willing to display the doctors work .. “Urination is easy again!!”  was heard gleefully……more in later news

This just in.. US NATIONAL NEWSWIRES:  Reports that there has been a rash of kidnappings of  males  from the population…

The police in many cities are reporting, that upon finding the kidnapped victims.  All victims  had their penis removed & taken.  Found in the desert,   Some were replaced with untraceable smaller packages…. “My insurance does not cover this!!!” One victim sobbed  It’s  tiny! kill me please,  I want to die

Authorities  are warning men not to display their penis any longer..  Saying “If they don’t know, it won’t go.. ”  

On national media they have issued a request to the female population.  Chief Thunder Rodd of the California Metro  PD,  “Ladies Tell your girlfriends NOTHING..from now on”..   Steal your man, is now. Steal your man’s manhood”




Penis Protection & Coverage, service….a man insurance…

Paid for by your favorite girl ….

We will give you early warning unauthorized motion  coverage.   State of the art,  electronic micro dot tech. full range up to 3 miles near any cell phone tower. You will be under an electronic blanket of protection at all times.. (except where reception is spotty. see agreement)

If that fails we will pay for you replacement..

upgrades will require additional fee.

Have us clone you a spare and keep it in cryogenic hold.  fees minimal & Reasonable

How important is YOUR penis????

Do not get caught without protection!

Call Now!

Operators standing by..



in our hand,

We’ll even use two (hands)



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Yo Son


The word yo!…yo

Where are you from? yo

I first met you on, i think  Hey Arnold cartoon, the black kid

To make him more black with the giant Will smith Afro flat-top they also gave him yo

Funny, someone was thinking…. yo.

Like.  yo! our relationship is outrageous ….yo

I can use you in so many situations yo, and I like that..

But yo, keep your eyes peeled yo,  their is a new flavor on the block son…oops…yo

yo let me introduce ya’ll

yo meet son, “yo”.

son meet yo  “wasup”

I would like the two of youz to get along .

There is enough bad English around for evrybody to get served.. son

Shake “o” and get along

Yo let’s go… son, and git some brunch.