A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Yay Me..Brand New Educational Opportunity..yaaaaay

Hi Kids

I was awarded a substantial financial grant to continue school.  I’m soooo happy!!!!   I was going over the reference material the school sent me.  It’s gonna take three years  😦   But I choose the accelerated classes, so I’ll be done a year sooner!   It’s in a field I  don’t think I have the exuberance for, but I got experiences  that could assist me in being  successful..  It was suggested, one should live on-campus… So I’m packed and getting ready to move on.  So this is bye kids see you two years…scary and suspenseful huh?  but dad’s gamed..

Oh.. the admin office sent me a video. The school works to assist in curing fevers….. Oh Boy!!!!!!


I gotta pick one for this semester..could you help me pick?

Higher learning

Cowbell College

I got a fever Only thing to cure it, is MORE COWBELL!!!


Master Cowbellist….