A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Nope I don’t… No, thank you! Thanks for asking, not at this current life incarnation..

Yup I told them …

2012-12-30 13.55.14-002

I don’t want a dog…I’ve had a childhood dog! been there done that.

No no was like i was volunteering i can see it.

My youngest 16 at the time, insisted to the adult(s) that he would do all and everything for a proposed dog.

She looked at his lying face and believed him..and he had his older brother backing him…

yes i would walk him, he lied..

yes I would do it daily again with the untruths

No i did not tie and gagged dad and put him behind the couch …Yea but you helped your brother tho, sack of lies.

No dog!

No dog!

I will take him out when he needs to do business .. false !!! lightning strike any moment now…2012-12-13 12.07.05-006

Walks the trash more ….

I lay tied up and gagged behind the couch mumbling and grunting no….doe,doe doe…

And then they left and went to the animal shelter.. heyyyyyyy


Which of course I refused to go…

And no! Not because they left me tied up…..

I don’t want a dog i didn’t want a dog!!

No Dog

Stupid Dog

2015-04-032 I didn’t know A dog wanted me….


That the story and I’m sticking to it …..

Gotta go out now 2015-05-015

And do what I volunteered to do…

Scooping up dog poo helps me with the funk….i lied to myself(so that’s where he gets it)