A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

The Graf XXV: Black And White Penny Gaff, Part 2

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Hello reader  viewers!

There comes a time when one needs to take a moment to ingest what’s  around them..Smile to yourself, add it to your memory bank.  Encourage others, for life’s daily struggles can be severe. Think micro brain vacation, see with your heart and use your other senses.

I really enjoy this little corner in Los Angeles it has some color graf also and a few statues but i must retake the color pictures the shots are very poor..  Not a photographer ! Guy with phone!!!

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Yo thanks

Good to receive you.

We are charmed & funkafied

Thank you…toodles

The Graf..Caught in the act… XXII On the street of La ..Part 2 The finish

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Hi Readers or/and Lookers. Say hello to my little friends ..

No Faces

No Faces


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I do appreciate your visits and so …

Thank you

Funky dreams of  joy…. peace