A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Panorama It’s about the fishing…

The Horizon is spectacular  Son Dad Fishing

The Horizon is spectacular!     Son Dad Fishing Priceless

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Catching Addiction

Hello fellow Blogtopians 

I miss you.

I haven’t had the energy to write any paragraphs or extended prose.

The truth is….

I suffer from an addiction, newly acquired.

I didn’t think it could or would turn me out like this.. but.. alas it has.

I’m hooked on Twitter … the evil 140 character limit..

Twitter is crack i guess.

It fit’s with my short attention span..

Now I feel like…

I’m overwriting this post.

way over 140 characters,

Feeling like a sellout.





I can’t stop….#hep

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday .

Hello everyone I’ve been running  a lot and had to make some time to create short piece music the the multimedia. It could be more christmassy but i didn’t have good time….Lol. Anyway with love and peace from my Family and I, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday and the best  to all. Happy Hanukkah to some friends and Peace unto all people, in this one world we share.

The Graf XXV: Black And White Penny Gaff, Part 2

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Hello reader  viewers!

There comes a time when one needs to take a moment to ingest what’s  around them..Smile to yourself, add it to your memory bank.  Encourage others, for life’s daily struggles can be severe. Think micro brain vacation, see with your heart and use your other senses.

I really enjoy this little corner in Los Angeles it has some color graf also and a few statues but i must retake the color pictures the shots are very poor..  Not a photographer ! Guy with phone!!!

2014-10-23 12.09.31 2014-10-23 12.09.582014-10-23 12.09.492014-10-23 12.11.30



Yo thanks

Good to receive you.

We are charmed & funkafied

Thank you…toodles