A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Fishing for Humans

This Post is a self Challenge  with regard to a picture I Posted.  The Kid.   Feel free to join. I promise, not a prize. only respect and comradeship.

Fishing for humans

I‘m down in one of my favorite  California city, touching the ocean,  San Pedro.   I’ve  just  stop to take a picture! Wow!  Look at that View!   To no one  but me..   There’s nobody  around but a kid.   It’s early 7am, On the way to school no doubt Well the early bird, get’s the worm is what I’ve always heard. 

I  stood watching. Waiting, then and additional challenge, presents itself.

To the side of me, this human adult. Just came up and climbed out of a transport machine and  is standing within my reach..almost!  It has a device and is not looking at me. This device,  the human holds it against  it’s delicious  face.

   I will stay and continue to eat this young one flesh from the inside.. I control his body until i eat his brain..  Which  I’m not going to do until the adult one……  Comes closer… …..


San Pedro & the Kid

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San Pedro

San Pedro &  the Kid

Got a couple of these shots..without the kid. I  like this one the most.  No…I don’t know him. But  now…I’m thinking about writing a couple of yarns about him!!    Who wants to join me?  I’ll write one for tomorrow  200 words or less.. down goes the glove…..WIMPS   (whenever you’re ready no time limit or prize… ya greedy bums)

Willing Imaginative Marvelous People Sharing  …. WIMPS

Oh rules link back here..blah blah blah yup yup

San Pedro and the kid

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