A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Hey! Pssssst! be very quite …..I think, the scone is ringing.

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Come on let's get sconed

Come on let’s get sconed

Hi! was somebody missed?

I missed you!..

The epic Gemini struggle!  keeping focus on doing a blog from a very lazy guy…

The muse,  she left me………..

life’s a bitch

Total shut down like a dog with a chew toy..

love it, when it’s new…

I have S.A.S

Short attention spam…. Was dropped to often by older siblings

span ok..gosh ya’ll people..

I will again attempt to manufacture fine silken prose …

(again with the lies)

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Posting Phenom

P h e n o m.    Ta-daa!

that why  i read … you guys

What were you thinking?

Really lazy.. i get..yea

The promise of excellence..

…..not found here.

It’s Sunday rest well for 2 morrow is Monday

Frank Funkangeles


Belly is not responding toTiberius.! come on Belly  Bass & cat

Belly is not responding to the name
Tiberius! Come on Belly