A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Catching Addiction

Hello fellow Blogtopians 

I miss you.

I haven’t had the energy to write any paragraphs or extended prose.

The truth is….

I suffer from an addiction, newly acquired.

I didn’t think it could or would turn me out like this.. but.. alas it has.

I’m hooked on Twitter … the evil 140 character limit..

Twitter is crack i guess.

It fit’s with my short attention span..

Now I feel like…

I’m overwriting this post.

way over 140 characters,

Feeling like a sellout.





I can’t stop….#hep

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday .

Hello everyone I’ve been running  a lot and had to make some time to create short piece music the the multimedia. It could be more christmassy but i didn’t have good time….Lol. Anyway with love and peace from my Family and I, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday and the best  to all. Happy Hanukkah to some friends and Peace unto all people, in this one world we share.

Daily Panoramic: I love a tree (it followed me)

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I love a tree

the little

boy in me

is crazy about


It’s Big

It’s gonna  help me

defying gravity



Up in a tree

with no one looking up at me

but my brother Larry …

and he’s telling mom

on me

I’ve got a cape to

fly,and defy

it’s the rebel in me..



Nature thrills


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Rust! call me Rusty, Musically

I believe i could have, might have mention I can read music….

Well i think  i wrote fiction, this is much harder than row row your boat!!

I’m going back to cowbell..

Not  row row your boatWell at least it’s  in C.   rusty i am,  I don’t have an upright, must now find a way to buy a Double Bass & bow ..soon

complaining?  yes, sue me.  But honestly  happy time again. Last night 5th chair  out of five. The Good thing is, i can go up to the college and borrow an instrument and a practice room,  daily ..until i get another one.


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Call from B…

Ring ring ring ..Hello?

Daryl is that you?

Excuse me. Funkangeles, yea what it is B?

Yea..wasuuppp fat bastard! funkangeles? OK..Daryl step off the fucking stage and talk to us little people..

Hey what’s up molester of many ?

Nothin! I see you’re still stupid and fat & still dating your hand, all these years married?

Jealous  still? Well drinker of throw up, why you bothering me?

You want to remind me about passing out at your  bachelor party… again?

Naw.. you big pussy,   but I’m glad you brought it up tho.. you save me the trouble.

Now little sister listen!!.  Said the tormentor

Me… “fuck you before you say anything else”

B states

I had and Idea and since your blogging you can get it out…..

Ok, you know since your wedding as your best man ok second, you’ve been bored haven’t you?

I see why god gave you twins. Your an Idle ex-women molester.

Cap’n lonely! he sez.  I think I got a pill that politicians would have to take. And we can make it mandatory!


Society! he continued, this pill will give them gas when they lie….!

He paused, waiting to hear how abusive i was going to be…

I started to… you dropped baby! waste of a  college degree in business & securities,  stockbreaking   Compton born downhill skiing, skirt chasing….

Fatangeles!! him playing the  interrupter card.. He went on.  The, this pill causes you to disclose loudly when you lie…

DISCLOSE???  Bumpleskinson you mean fart?   i solved his riddle..he’s happy.

oK  my bud B (for Brian)  Was a child actor on the different strokes  and had a great Florida university edumacation a brilliant guy, he  had a recall like I never experienced before. One thing he did was, any NFL player. he could give you college stats all four years some back to high school. anybody.. This man ate statics…  damn goofball.

YES!! he said but LOUD!! Everyone in the chamber would know that that politician is at fault.. Trying to be a voice of reason. i begin to argue … So tell a lie  blast a fart huh.. we argued

Some where in my argument i stopped and said B how you calling me?  Quickly he sez you’re dreaming!  You know I’m dead. Stop tripping asswipe  focus.. THis is the plan! get it done..

i woke up..

It’s not that he’s gone, because he still messes with me in my mind.. But i do miss, what cancer took.  my Californian best bud.

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Ramblings III: If space is a vacuum how come no one, uses it to clean and other frustrations: The Joy Of Blog!

My space! to tell tall tails…

i thought you where looking for band members?


express  my own, unhinged, a platform, a viewpoint fraught with sillynestle chocolate, nine year old’s wit. but…. i can cuss and say shit…. yea.

Confident, for i have a plethora of lies Fiction

illiterately lush, ridiculousness  ready.

“From a small town

my brothers and i took turns.

being the town idiot (bob newhart)”

 we don’t call it lying, in the bloposphere  it’s..


I’m 6’2, strapping handsome with LARGE hands, caucasian

whom i pay rent to… 

i have a key to a bank

my bulges have bulges

a bank on my kids shelf

I fly trains..

Webster’s dictionary checks with me about new words

Breakfast are with Orange juice, nooks and cranny’s

Jesus, Mozart, Miles, Mingus and the dude from the cream of wheat box ’cause Lou Rawls always late. we talk about …wimen! Look like lou

I’m just saying. i’m content that i can express such things. It’s stress releasing, empowering

I always want to.. tell where the body is.

I think since i “fiction”so much here

then that is much less fiction that i have to create in the real world ..

shush! we are all are fiction writers ..we put up shield and hide our identity. It’s part of protecting yourself from the unknown.. I know, I use to be a doctors ………..


I don’t practices music any longer because  i know it!  psst! Practice is for girls..

My phone is  ringing…. Poonam Pandey  keeps bothering me

So if I’m practicing don’t look up my dress.

I gonna turn her picture over…..

Now that Haile berry is single, so am I!!!

i’M feelinG a STalk coming oN…

she does live in la..i think

I have  to keep looking over my shoulder…

Onward! ludicrous speed….