A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Big Giant Head….tiny brain

Ok this is what’s going on.. My tiny brain get’s easily distracted..

Challenges and information helps my focus.. My  curiosity  can take me away from appointed schedule at times.  I’m a damn musician, marching to my own drummer  :P.  I’ve  heard the word space cadet thrown in my direction on occasion. I take it as an honor..  I love space and cadet means, uniforms! A person in uniform is sharp, also cool.  Blame my mom, an easy-going Island woman and me being her son be the same, a fellow, not in a hurry….. mon

What I'm I

What I’m I

When I was first erected.  I caused an immediate backlash in the neighborhood.

Across the street from the glare & heat

My exterior frame is a wonder to see… and I have a hidden garden

Garden Patio...

Garden Patio…

Where artistic….. Flowers

Forever Bloom Flower..(mymadeupname)

Forever Blooming Flower….

My polish steely glare was beautiful! but overwhelming to the environment.. I was sanded down…… (1st Pic)

Now birds love me….. as they wait for the elevator….Bird waiting for elevator  Expose me!

my view is spectacular…

What a view

What a view


What am I ….in Los Angeles?

next post will have the answer..

I will post pictures Monday or Tuesday  with the answer … lots of beautiful pictures of this unique  item..

New! Improved and Exciting! 

 Post your guess…or not..Challenge!!!

Any guesses?