A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Expectations is bitch!!!

Expectations… it is so cruel….
It begins with a silent E!!
Come ON!!!
Why is the E the headliner when the X is doing the heavy lifting?

Expectations: Really pronounced, eee x pek ta shon …this America, is wrong
Silent? Again…Come on!! Get rid of it already!!

xpectation is what it looks like and still sounds right!
To hell with this sneaky swanky dress up! xcuse me, not without an e please…..

YOU are now part of the SHORT TEXT UP IN DISS!!! or
S.T.U.P.I.D… based WORLD ORDER!!!!!!

And sneaky words like this with “silent stuff” We are coming for YOU!!!!

Here….Xenophobia??? is a dislike or fear of people from other countries or of that which is foreign or strange.
zenophobia is the dislike of the correct letter at the begin of a word ..which is foreign or strange.

Do you bom ba for bomb, It’s Bom, at least when I see the fellas. If any thing, you can add mom to the letter b and it still has the bomb sound! Try it!! is the secret, you take mom add a bom b in front of her, it!! and there! Bmom. Say it! bom….See? the silent wasted b is not needed.. Wasteful!!!
Oh America….DID U SEE?? right there was a nother xample….
So in closing..
Death to AHH MER RI CA nothing wasted…


Brought to you by the coalition to remove stupidity
from the English language.

use another word

Help & Join the Fight,
cend 50sent to our ppacount…. ignore the slogan

xcuse me? you thought this post was about something else?
See fooled you..
Expectations is a Bitch..
I expect this to be funny…


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OMG….wht d fk!!!

omg eye drm  d wrl’s hd gon crzy. an stped u’n let’rs! evrting was lik txt’n on, buks,nwspr’s…. d horr’a…..

(Translation) Oh my god.. I dreamed the world had gone crazy and stopped using letters. Everything was like texting on a phone. Television books, newspapers Oh the Horror ….

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Fabulous Blogging


make a powerful point

Dirty Harry speaks to a chair and overnight, Eastwooding enters the vocabulary. Eastwooding is an easy one, like Tebowing. Adding a gerund (an ing) to a noun is child’s play. More advanced wordhacks — Stephen Colbert elevating truthiness to a word of the year —  is an art form.

Making up new words (that’s neologisms for the wordanistas out there) isn’t a cyberspace invention. Although the Internet does seem to spawn more than its fair share. Literature has given us Scrooges, Polyannas and Snarks. Science and technology have given us lidar, Google and Photoshop.

Why do we do it? Much easier for people to grok what you’re talking about by smushing two words together like shoe and stupidity. For example:

“Shoepidity” – noun

“The act of wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes because – come on – they look incredible.” Example: “Girl those seven-inch Gaga heels you’re rocking are sheer 

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My First Post By Email :Bio

[title Yea I goof I added this after: was i wrong?]
Here,here,here! This is my first post by email with warts and all and, third blog post. I can’t believe I took  typing one and typing two class in college (didn’t i practices ? to-self) …sheeze. Anyway, Glad to have an outlet!

I want to show the world a illiterate master with substance and intellectual supposition. One whom is humorous funny & humorous and doesn’t repeat themselves. The ability to offer you a literal landscape full of wonderful imagery and adventure. And….. With the ability to take the art of word writing to a whole nuther level!!!!LIFE in front of your eyes!! Whew…
One who can turn a bouquet of prose that would have women on the verge moistness. Or mayhaps a sonnet that would cause world powers to stop and take note and then go to a peace table.
I SAY…. Unlike anyone that’s been seen or hear from…………..SINCE time inception!!!!!!!!!.

So if anybody comes across this guy
let him know we are LOOKING FOR HIM….


Los Angeles & I

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Me.Funkangeles is Daryl Wilfred Vanterpool named after Wilfred Vanterpool my Grand dad. My friends call me ddub(DW).Mr. Larry Graham’s bass playing for Sly Stone is whom I wish to emulate. That is until i found Jazz.
I don’t mind practicing and I love playing with others. When I got my 1st bass (see hello world 1st post) I walked home from Reeds Music in New London,Ct and started to practices. I play and banged that instrument until school the following Monday.I could wait to get home. I lost friends because all talked about was bass bass bass. I got musician friends now. Playing live is my thing. I use to had crazy energy onstage.(many a night I’ve ran out of my plug, until i learned) Key words, “USE TO”. I just keep up now. My bass gets six outta the seven days in a week of my time.(I usually clear this with new girlfriend) I tend to goof around on the piano which, has it’s practice time and it’s how i write most of my compositions. Truth be told, I’m a horrible pianist. I’ve been at it so long and I feel I’m still not as good as i would like. I would think to Joe/Jane average any playing is good.
I agree, when I graduated from high school i signed up for summer school just so i could take piano for the first time. We didn’t have one at home and college was starting in 3 months and I was majoring in music, so I had a challenge ahead of me. Ready for the summer i got a surprise. The piano class at Dorsey high had only one piano. Reminding me i was living in a depressed neighborhood but it was home.And I was gonna learn. They gave us these 2 1/2 octave wooden piano slate that you sat on your desk and learned proper hand position and form. No sound big disappointment.
It was here i foolish believed i was baddest fake wooden piano playing student, that teacher ever did see. Got an A for the class……ijs
Thank for reading