A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Foolish, fiction (from the crass files)

Two Fictional customer service responses… Same company just different locations
From the President of Marketing and Public Trust

Dear Mr. Disgruntled

We of the company SHITNKISS (World Wide Super Hot Ingenious Total Blogger & Kitchen Implements  SuperStore) would like to take the time to respond to the dislike of material that’s been posted on the blog this week.
It’s unfortunate that you didn’t enjoy our free article.
Our service does not cost you, our clients anything, never the less..
It fills us with deep regret, that we were unable to satisfy your free entertainment needs at this time.
We here at SHITNKISS strive to bring the consumer a FREE interactive thought-provoking, total immeasurable entertainment.
If you have not had an excellence  online free experience, then we’ve failed YOU!
Enclosed you will find a code for two free movie passes. It is our hope this small token will remove any misdoings as we, this company, has befallen upon you.
Please enjoy
Our sincere apologies…
Thank you
Mr. I Reelie Gochaback
President of Marketing and Public Trust….
Super Hot Ingenious Total Blogosphere n Kitchen Implements SuperStore

Where  homies work..

From Mr. Chaos..
Parking Implementation & Mail-room/Penicillin
The company said i gotta do this ok…
Dear Mr. Big Giant Anus!
I’m a guy, at SHITNKISS. I’ve been instructed to take some time and respond to your disenchantment with our service.

Dude? Wassup, wit dis crap? Yo..

We have observed,that you have a lot of bitch_ass-ness in you!  And you’re crying bout sum’tin that is free. You are an… A1 DUMBFUCK!! and/or fucker.
 It’s unfortunate  that your mama didn’t give you a full set, as is in evidence by you Non-appreciative, Unwanted, Meth addled complaint!
Your complaining about free stuff has pissed the whole company off. And we all agree you are a sorry little weasel .
It would fill us with great regret, if we would have to drive over to 1313 crying bitch lane and slap yo punkass up a little…(yea we know where u live).


We do not mind finding ungrateful complaining free loaders. And personally putting a boot in a keister, just to get some act right, up in dis here beeatich… Just Saying!!!
Due to your constant complaining, the company has implemented special handling and instructional recurring fees, and it has  been exacerbate to a level 2 an unnecessary annoyance charge.
You’re to send us ten dollars by-monthly..
Our associates  Mr.Tiny  and Tingting  is in-route to assist you in setting up your payment schedule and they will be bringing payment envelopes!!  We do hope this won’t be an inconvenience you or you lovely family including, that cute little doggy.. chompers right?
We do thank you in advance for notifying us of you disenchantment and in the future….
Try to refrain from writing us regarding our FREE  product…you  do understand free right?
FREE.. Libre, Gratuit, חופשי  English Spanish French and Hebrew..
important tools 
Avoid ignorance at the cost of your ass being absolutely checked!
In closing 
you’ll find me parked outside you house, if we find a repeat of this type of inconsiderate and unconscionable behavior ….
Thank you for bringing our attention to this matter
Your… Really Truly..
Watch’n yo punk ass
Mr. Maka Chaos 
Parking Implementation Mail-room/Penicillin
Super Hot Ingenious Total Blogosphere & Kitchen Implements SuperStore

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arr. day in rain.

Off to work

Off to work


Monday I had gotten a call from a good client/friend..?

Wow.. I’ve been fixing his computer for years. His daughter was seven years old, when I 1st met Afshin.. Now  she  a teenager..Same computer  Wow Afshin’s cheap…Haha

Actually with proper service  a computer can last for years. I think i replaced the power supply once over the years and add memory and upgraded to a  DVD burner for the him and that’s since  2007..

Well he called me,on  monday, It had died. …

Thursday i finally had a chance to get out to San Pedro. It was raining,  cat and donkeys

Yes! I’m a kook about rain..Love it! being in it! out of it ! watching it inhaling it. I dig it!   So out i head to the coast and it’s dropping! see!  I was hoping, he would not cancel…. But i got out and played in the rain.

End of story…


Oh…. the computer. dead…..DED. XP OS,  Hard drive baked! COOKED!  Had to drive to store, bought a new 1tb(terabyte) drive (59.00) Put it in,  and loaded and upgrade  to windows 7, 64bit, installed 4 gb’s of ram,mcafee’d it …slapped it on the rump.  It burpped and came on…windows…. chimes.

Happy client happy techy


Ok now… end of story..

Yay  day

Yay day


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I5 core processor  16gb of Ram and Asus P8-Z22-V motherboard 85 watts of premium power from a quality manufacture. Big giant ugly case with removable hard drive bays. Multi-Drive DVD/Blue -Ray…Video is build-in intel chip until I can buy one or two monster video-cards .  Built this about two weeks ago…Didn’t have any more  funds, left for the hard drive in the PC budget. I swapped out an old hard drive yesterday.. I got a Western Digital Green,1Tb, sata..non SSD. SSD?  Solid state drive. It’s my next move before i get the video card(s). With this mother board i’m planning to use  a SSD drive for the booting and a regular drive for storage of content and music recording… The word is still out on SSD for music recording. Life cycle is shorter than regular drives. During music creation with the many unused takes, it creates, many lost bits and bytes.. A computer used for music recording,  Fragmentation of the hard drive is an issue.  Defragging of the drive is required  more than you would for general use..  You DO NOT de-frag a SSD drive!

I use Steinberg Cubase  for recording. I upgraded to version six, in November and they sent me seven!!!  Way cool but pricey! (500.00). I will blog about this one day.Asus P8-Z22-V

But why am I giving a gear report? (poorly proofed this one too)

No post yesterday! 😦

I was working on that particular situation.. I’m a gear nut, did not even do what i was suppose to do…Good thing i don’t have kids to pick up from school anymore..

I was suppose to mail my brother a motherboard yesterday……….

Michael i love you….I did not leave the house!

11:39pm, finally, blogging.. feeling so guilty it posted after 12!!!!!

I lied, I’m a fraud,a clerk from the fabrication dept.  da horra, oh the humanity …my blog states,  Post a day.  Not wishing 2 b a Hippocrate

I let you down.. could you..

find empathy

within your heart, to

forgive me…

you read my posts..

God bless your pertinacious spirit.  I’mma learn you yet…(paid 3 dollars for that word)

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I been trying to reach you…..

Yes I’ve  read & prayed and  looked to you.  yup! do’s that!

The devil offers me stuff, you know i like stuff, but he gets no play here.


Not answering right now?

I get that.

It’s like when I’m in the middle of preforming. (by the way, thanks)

You don’t answer the phone.

I parlay  to you in this pray..  cue me up.

I’m hoping to at least make it to a cue line that you keep up with..

But gosh we like stuff.   The devil knows.  But I’ve learned things  will come to me by working hard , in their due time or I was not meant to have it.

I’m not for the blame game..

Moses and those rocks.. Excellent Thanks.

Dinner with three children and and the ex…. no one died

Thank you.

For great  full moons

And Your painter’s touch on sunsets. Imitated  not duplicated.

Having a friend losing his sight. I appecate  your display

The way birds fly and turn on a dime.  whoa!

I’m Thankful for Clowns..

In makeup or not. This world can use more laughter..ijs

Bozo the clown was my 1st, with a big red nose  or Red Skelton or a modern one.

Red  strands of  hair  over a  toupee.

Hooterville Cannonball delivered, Haney negotiated. Potter’s Store

Purchased  from Mr Haney of Hooterville Green Acres……

I’m Thankful people remembered. 

About Love and you.

Help the Middle East find a way… to work



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Carnal Knowledge…Do you have some information?

Under- All Knowledge being good doctrine

If one possess knowledge one should share…ijs

Knowledge by itself it’s good, Carnal Knowledge could be better

Do somebody knows something and not telling me? I just don’t know this term..I remember hearing about it,years ago.. before marriage, i might have partaken in an archaic study group or two.     been so,so long ago memory is faint….Can I, now take a refresher course?



Can I vote for Carnal or Knowledge ? Do it have to be both? Can there be one without the other? Does it get rid of warts. Is it related to Caramel Knowledge? Knowledged
ah the gift..sweet knowledge…
I’ve been looking in the newsprint ads for it. No one is selling it! So, I’m thinking about placing an advertisement “Seeking Carnal Knowledge,  will pay for books ”  I know!!! Books can cost..! I haven’t been in a cave  .
Also I am familiar with Carne Asada knowledge being in California


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Expectations is bitch!!!

Expectations… it is so cruel….
It begins with a silent E!!
Come ON!!!
Why is the E the headliner when the X is doing the heavy lifting?

Expectations: Really pronounced, eee x pek ta shon …this America, is wrong
Silent? Again…Come on!! Get rid of it already!!

xpectation is what it looks like and still sounds right!
To hell with this sneaky swanky dress up! xcuse me, not without an e please…..

YOU are now part of the SHORT TEXT UP IN DISS!!! or
S.T.U.P.I.D… based WORLD ORDER!!!!!!

And sneaky words like this with “silent stuff” We are coming for YOU!!!!

Here….Xenophobia??? is a dislike or fear of people from other countries or of that which is foreign or strange.
zenophobia is the dislike of the correct letter at the begin of a word ..which is foreign or strange.

Do you bom ba for bomb, It’s Bom, at least when I see the fellas. If any thing, you can add mom to the letter b and it still has the bomb sound! Try it!! is the secret, you take mom add a bom b in front of her, it!! and there! Bmom. Say it! bom….See? the silent wasted b is not needed.. Wasteful!!!
Oh America….DID U SEE?? right there was a nother xample….
So in closing..
Death to AHH MER RI CA nothing wasted…


Brought to you by the coalition to remove stupidity
from the English language.

use another word

Help & Join the Fight,
cend 50sent to our ppacount…. ignore the slogan

xcuse me? you thought this post was about something else?
See fooled you..
Expectations is a Bitch..
I expect this to be funny…


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OMG….wht d fk!!!

omg eye drm  d wrl’s hd gon crzy. an stped u’n let’rs! evrting was lik txt’n on, buks,nwspr’s…. d horr’a…..

(Translation) Oh my god.. I dreamed the world had gone crazy and stopped using letters. Everything was like texting on a phone. Television books, newspapers Oh the Horror ….