A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday .

Hello everyone I’ve been running  a lot and had to make some time to create short piece music the the multimedia. It could be more christmassy but i didn’t have good time….Lol. Anyway with love and peace from my Family and I, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday and the best  to all. Happy Hanukkah to some friends and Peace unto all people, in this one world we share.

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Rust! call me Rusty, Musically

I believe i could have, might have mention I can read music….

Well i think  i wrote fiction, this is much harder than row row your boat!!

I’m going back to cowbell..

Not  row row your boatWell at least it’s  in C.   rusty i am,  I don’t have an upright, must now find a way to buy a Double Bass & bow ..soon

complaining?  yes, sue me.  But honestly  happy time again. Last night 5th chair  out of five. The Good thing is, i can go up to the college and borrow an instrument and a practice room,  daily ..until i get another one.


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Daily Panoramic, Home Studio project (Unfinished)

Hi boggers,  thank you for visiting  receiving or sharing my posts.  A little about what i’ve been up to..  Checked back into the music department at  City college LA, prior to my checking into Cal  state Dominguez hills for electronic music  if it works out. It’ll mean a BA..

MONDAY i used a pencil for the 1st time in twenty years.. I remember why i became a hand writing is TERRIBLE!

 So it was getting uncomfortable  at my recording studio set-up. (gear changes over time)  It was time for a rebuild. My daughter reminded me this is studio ver.3. I’ve done this many times. I love working with wood. My days in high school in Connecticut made me a wood cutter/craftman. I love the smell of  wood, fresh cut wood….I’m use laths,band saw, table saw, jig ect… I though i would work at a wood shop but. it’s hard in la with Mexican labor so inexpensive i couldn’t compete with that. So communication/computer tech..real world job. Besides music gigs and or assignments.

I spent lot’s of time  sitting working on  music.this was my self-assign projectProject Studio Plan

And so that became this unfinishedProject studio unfinished

panoramic issue

panoramic issues

And then the…

STAIN!!!!   Oh der horra..of messing rug up. I’m in so much trouble, will be renting rug doctor this weekend after shiny coat..shsssh  don’t tell my daughter bout the rug.. Next time   fully loaded… and the station will be also..


The implications are so nasty..Beeping Absurdity

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Warning  Not for easily offended!  It could wreck you childhood memories 

Can you play this only once?

When I’m alone I beeeeeeep myself……..


Sunday’s Post: Goal

Well my goal is to follow-up on writing Sunday post for every Sunday on subject.  This is my second post in two months…I KNOW!!! bad blogging. Ain’t I a stinker?


Continuing with my Friday’s challenge…. Post your Guess or Not (with most choosing the latter)

I am not deterred! I offer additional information.

Blue Ribbon GardenA post!..and it reads…..

Nope! Not gonna tell you…


But also this Video of a Beautiful Work of Art by…..? and for ?

This sits in the back.. across the street from the friday’s post Across the street from the glare & heat

Ok so…. you have and idea of where it’s at. So what is the big silvery sanded thingy?  gonna wait until you see the pictures?

Or any guesses?

Song Title “Rosily”

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Silver Bells …

Hello hi there!  Youz..

To everyone, that’s taken the time or stumble to my blog and subjected oneself  to the shenanigans of foolery & buffoonery  in the guise of a band quest.  A  ruse that  seem to even fool me!  Because now  I’m writing I’m a reader and i’m doing this writers thingy. I am!!! I dobie do be doing this…..

It’s fun, I’m too dumb to effect the world but if I can make you kick you legs up in glee and hilarity………….

I’m looking under your dress …  hehe hee (i’mabadboy)

These has been the most gruesome holidays, this season. We as a whole will recover and hopefully correct the errors. Hopefully  we learned this year.

So to my readers where it applies Merry Christmas 2012 God Bless you .

For my reader not of this faith of other faiths.   Happy Holidays enjoy your celebrations and if it happen already. Great!!! hoped it rocked!!

Non religious persons be safe and have an enjoyable winter

Haters of America see you next year until then.. ingest defecation

I worked up Silver Bells the funkangeles way, tell me u hate it or love it. just tell me   thanks

Live ur Life & Love

Thank you for visiting!!!!

Yes!! I can replay over and over and over and over………

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So can you

Happy Saturday !!!!!  an over the top overdone….. Yaaaaaaay Kermit style

My all times slice of heaven ..I’m  smiling

This, my friends is the cat’s pajamas

It is this time…


Funk man