A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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My blog Commercial…



A love passion muse thing..

(yea! the english muffin! that how i roll, nevermind)

Nooks and Crannies



Your Nooks and Crannies

I try

to get to them


Your nooks

and your Cranny’s



the right way.

When i find you..

early mornings

Inviting and delicious..

Heavenly, Crunchy

I  look forward

to all of our kisses.

In my hands

On my lips

Your crumbs may linger

And through a long minute

i may, i might…i could

lick a finger…

my innermost joy

splashed with grand colors

let’s add

Some Jam

to  that sweet Nooks, crannies, butter.

(cigarette, break here.. )

As we share

in our noisy bliss

The ignorant hates

And the smiles

of the  prejudice

I leave happy

full fine and fancy

for in my belly lies

Thomas’s nooks and

Thomas’s crannies

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Blog Commercial addendum January whine

(This was a combined with a poem I separated them)

Seemly i’ve stopped doing my best ..but not really! I have been very busy with living. The grind of everyday coffee is a life worth living. ha jokes

I have been distracted from the blog and making errors worst than normal..

(i think i have to fired my proof reader)

I have a short attention span.. I write it  but do i  got have to read it for CORRECTIONS too?

Usually the goofy Gemini side runs the stuff most of the time. The boring serious gemini checks it. I keep him down ..he’s just so fucking boring but spels wel…

I am so lazy and a poor spelling, bum.. I know this!

And you’re “liking” me is giving me work.

Slave-drivers… 🙂  thank you 🙂  ha

ok truth..

I like doing the blog thing! I usually write week ahead in advance. Lately the force has being disturbed. And I’m behind. ;(

Working and sleeping has begun to have a effect on  quality.. life is happening.. I sign up for classes at my old college.. clear out the cobwebs

The other morning i fell out of my bed and chipped…

the concrete floor.  Me?  a little bump on the head….this caused something. what I don’t know what, yet..

But I’m Passionate .. again..  And  mines is real.  but i got a few like Mr.Te’o too.

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Crucial decisions

No being sure .. hesitant.  He decided, at that very moment! He, was the decision maker.. without thinking about his spouse.

His thinking process, was as follows

They put a man on the moon!

Wine in a box?   hmm.

without reproach

In the cart..he placed it!  

Later that evening

No dang wine boxes!!!

His wife, a daughter of the local glass bottling company owner.

The box and him, for company  was spent in the guest room..

Excerpt from:  Box lover

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It worked for them

A blog I follow mention something that made me pause for a moment and have a debate with myself.

Steroids and baseball & Blogging..Our american game where we pay outlandish sums of money to hit, track, catch, run, and throw a white ball… also spitting, swearing and grabbing your “congressman” before hitting, are some of the bonuses.

Baseball!   I love the game!  Been following since i was 5 yrs old, my  New York baby uncle Grant was a Met fan..So i went to met games Now.. Go dodger blue.

I didn’t like the Steroid era. All that hitting and inhuman feats of powers…yea that wasn’t fun…. For dead people! Ha!

Exciting times, the home run chase! Game never being over until that last pitch.

Oh  sure,  put them in the hall.  It was entertaining.  Just say they used Steroids or where suspected!  In those days , It had this nation in a tizzy!  Who didn’t keep up with the home run leaders?  lots of fun!

It got me thinking …

Steroids & blogging…..If i did steroids I imagine, my writing would be the  begin the mind enlightenment period,  powerful, so intensely gratifying to the readers inner psyche, that future offspring would love the story’s because  it’s in their DNA!!    Jacked on steroids power writing! oh boy! But.. it’s gonna have a side effect, I know..

I think, I would get too big to sit and write and while everything is powerful and ripped, the brain will still be stupid…

Sadly “roids” do not improve the intellect..

And the angry tiny penis would get a tiny gun and shoot me in the fabulously beautiful muscular pecks which most likely would ricochet and hit me in the stupid part of my body…..

Channel 5 News: Good evening!  “Man shot in head by angry tiny gun wielding assailant!!” Story  at ten….

Thanks Ted for the blog..

The implications are so nasty..Beeping Absurdity

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Warning  Not for easily offended!  It could wreck you childhood memories 

Can you play this only once?

When I’m alone I beeeeeeep myself……..


I get everything I want!! For 10 dollars.. Pizza Hut! emailing, reminding me, I’m important

I don’t need no stinking validation from anyone! pizza loves me..

Bad day in Sillyvania

City Slogan..

“Better than Stupidville”