A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?


Goofing off.

Life It’s hard knocks and  disappointments go hand in hand.  It’s a struggle and unforgiving.. So when the highs aren’t there!  How do you cope?

I break out the Vinyl Records ….

I had to have an x-ray of my hand to see if it was injury, from blogging  so severely or (advanced age) and wanting to share the x-ray..

Unfortunately…. I couldn’t. 😦

Still It’s a good time to give the OK, even tho i had to get go an  x-ray.

 It all Ooh kaye….. alright?

I’m Hang in there

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Thy Name Is Evil

Evil Treadmill

Torture mill

I think you are not a challenge. This is usually the night before. I’ve decide that i will climb aboard and let you propel my chicken legs. I erroneously believe since i ran in high school and in college. I can just turn it on like that! irregardless. there’s  additional amount of tonnage i may be carting about. If don’t exercise i gain weight easy and fast because… My zest for life I deny myself nothing . Pizza, beer, Pizza, wings, Italian pie,Sushi, tomato sauce  laden bread with cheese toasted, Chocolate cake..ect… I HAVE NO CONTROL. There i said it, I’m undisciplined. I see my marine corps big brothers and they make me sick!! I’m like my navy brother we are round, we float better. But I kid I’m large and decided not to get larger . so treadmill is evil and i do 1 hour every other day. i can do 3.5 miles so far.. let’s repeat it huh? a lot!

Lazy Funkangeles