A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

The Graf, Slauson st, Los Angeles XXVIIl

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The artist address2014-10-0242014-10-23 12.22.18

Up in the Corner

Up in the Corner

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The Graf, 60th st, Los Angeles XXVII, one of many

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The Layout, big industrial  yard. Degree of difficulty; medium. private property.  Fence climbing involved? hell yes.   I’m too old for this crap. But, I got a fever and the only thing good for it?…. is more graffiti, lots and lots of graffiti.2014-07-0332014-07-23 11.16.402014-07-23 11.16.502014-07-23 11.14.052014-07-23 11.07.16

The Beginning 2014-07-034

The End


The Price is Wrong

The middle, in the next few weeks

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