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Friday’s Fictioneers:”That fee, comes with a fee”

Friday’s Fictioneers

Hi Friday Fictoneers!  Thanks Rochell



Is this you?

It was me,


There goes, we

can be me again

I adore a puzzle

rewards, are great

such is the struggle.

murky non cooperate

If I can just reach that, Six pence…


Alternate title

“My Banker spied a dollar in the wood chipper”


ok i’m angry with banks

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A visit from home

Photography by Sethsnap. Your Story: Rural

Struggling to open my eyes from the massive crack the noggin. The one place i didn’t need to be. I  recall telling my cousin no.

Now I’m back on uncle Jed  farm.  My best times, where spent right here in these wood.  I left, following a girl to the big city.  And fell in love with the city. Didn’t get the girl but i stayed.

Ouch!  My dumb cousin conked me to hard trying to talk me into coming back out here. Because i was slow with an answer.   He just up and took me. Came to my place in the city and told me to return to unc’s  farm. I said NO!  Muleheaded family never liked no. It’s granny!

She’ll be needing my help with the seasonal  harvest….you would think  only corn,wheat  but also …WEED.   mUY GRANNY’s  a pot baroness.
It’s WAS Bad before with the moonshine but now with the weed.  It’s outrageous! ha

I’m in  my cousins room and i can see the old barn and the storage shed.  If those building could talk…..

We would have to wack em.. Granny had us dig many years ago a secret underground moonshine locker in the corner floor of the shed.  I guess it’s now a  weedlocker. Haha gotta love my granny.

It my big  dunderhead-ed cousin. I’ve got a beef with!  Telling me, “granny sez don’t take any guff or no from me..”  So you conked me!!!!!

Dang……..putting some burrs in his draws tonight..

I guess since I’m here, i might as well help out..

Then monday back to the city and my job as a police officer….

Family sheesh….

Your truly Gomer.


Hi Bloggers I’ve been stuck with the flew…..

Monday’s flu visit came with lot’s of heavy  luggage all on my chest..still went to class.

But now will have to pull out and start again November. no room in class and no more basses…poo

Friday the flu flew far away…


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Jacowzzi Cowology

Photography by Sethsnap.    ‘JaCowzzi

Your Story Challenge: Cowology

When you got some gas!!  You can come back!

yea! eat some of that bush get at least two of your four stomachs churning..

Ah huh…. you know this Jacowzzi need more flatulent heat..

hahah I heard they  are trying to blame  the greenhouse effect on us….ah ha.

I think she’s from California 

Ain’t she from pixly? 

She poots only as needed..haw hahaha

Move over Bertha I’m about drop down!

I Got four bellies rumbling ready to roar..

oK  girl All together..


frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.r.r.rrrrrr  ppppttttttttttttt…. pssssssssstttI0000GkN47h7ngFg

The heat is on, on the street
Inside your head, on every beat
And the beat’s so loud, deep inside
The pressure’s high, just to stay alive

Glenn FrySethsnap

excuse them seth,,

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Logger’s Porn

Photography By Sethsnap:Your Story

As he sat in the Kitchen.. Mr. Raze was speaking so lovingly and eloquent like smooth jazz, he up tempo and change pitches and pulled out cash…

Enjoying  his coffee he listened to this man and his love for money and  watched him reach down and grab the case and opened it. cash…one hundred thousand dollar he breathlessly exclaimed.   Not noticing, he was the only one excited.

Loggers, hell!  Why is he in my house?   Little Joe’s kids set this up.  Minding his manners. He was offered another cup of coffee to his guest and said…

Money is temporary and gone in a short time and happiness is not  a given. I’m happy and have money.

Looking out my window.. Money can’t buy this. Out there is someone’s home,  home to many various lifeforms  and  occasional alien landing “but he didn’t say that.. thought it!

Now if  it was only the tree frog the  lived out there . I could not with good conscience  and would not allow timber harvesting on this property..I agree to have you come by and there I’ve done that.

So remove your large sex toy of cash from hop_sing’s  table and be on your way. Unless you want to hang and watch the animals, live and up close…. undisturbed?


Knowing the Ponderosa was not being abused by his generation..

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Your Story: Cold


Photography By Sethsnap: Cold

Ancient Indians

The plains

They’ve  seen the same..

Year after year after year the same thing.

That was.

is still.


This year.

Last year.

Buffalo roaming


elk and dear.

IT’S Fricking cold again!

I’m going to go sleep with hibernating bear.





Your Story: Whispers of Darkness, Faith


Photography By Sethsnap Your Story: Whispers of Darkness



a splash of snow

muted reds

thousands of branches

wave hello..



twist around berms

to the calamity

nature adds..


I can lose

a turn

But This  night

a call,  far away from me

Through the

Whispers of Darkness

Goosebumps precedes..

chills reminds me.

did i speak of love  last..

did we forgave  tensions, passed

this turn

that turn could be

all we have

seeing, only so far

through the darkness

calls for belief

what life.       ahead…


Whispers of Darkness

Light is faith

Light is faith


Your Story: Front Yard

The Stump

Photography By Sethsnap. Your Story: The Front Yard

When I came over.. I found him at his desk, looking out. This is his first winter after the military service. The winter months has reduced his mobility with the snow. During the summer you would find him in the yard… always around that stump. Meditating, working out. His room is situated to where he can see out the window as he does pull-up and sit-up, improving  his core for the prosthetic and balance.. 

A few years ago on graduation day he came home and told my aunt that he was following his uncles in the family tradition of duty to country. She was  not happy. His dad (a vet) did tried to discourage him..not having found memories of being a minority in Vietnam but he did his duty and was proud of his boy.  Determined and mind completely made up he left and did two tours of duty…Iraq and Afghanistan. When he left this home years ago the tree was a complete with branches leaves and limbs..  When he returned from the conflict  he was injured. losing a limb to a roadside bomb. The tree had been struck  by lightning and had been cut.

It was a strange occurrence. This particular  night there was a big  thunder storm with lightning, a real lulu of a storm and then pow  the tree was hit.. We live across the street.  It lit up and split and burned until firetrucks came..The next week my uncle  had  it cut &  removed. That also was the  morning they received the call about  Richard being  hurt  in a bombing..

Our family played in that tree from toddling to teens. It was devastating to many of us in the family..But Richard really took it hard…He thought he was being mocked by the fates.. You know stumpy…

On his return, he spent summers in the yard recuperating. This was his first winter home. My visits  to him are cool we  shoot the breezy and do some weight lifting.  I’m thinking the stump is  depressing him, but not my family!

He is happy and  he said he’s  leaving the wheelchair outside until he can walk and move it.  He’s getting fitted for a prosthetic soon.  When he goes out, he leave the house via the rear door, where there are no stairs.

Every day on the way to therapy, he stops at the stairs and declares.  “I’m coming back soon to walk all over you!” and laughs..

He’s going make a table out of  the tree Stump was what he told me……knowing my determined cousin it will have legs…

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Your Story: Winter, Warm-up Chair

New England Football …

Photography by Sethsnap Your Story:Winter

Going to a game this week end I’ve been training and I think I’m ready.

I been watching football on my Television from here.

Ya’ll  are wimps…

Baby, you don’t know nutting bout New England football!!!

Went to get some more  salsa….   It froze out here, another wimp.