A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

The implications are so nasty..Beeping Absurdity

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Warning  Not for easily offended!  It could wreck you childhood memories 

Can you play this only once?

When I’m alone I beeeeeeep myself……..

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This year


I’m going to do it all the time.

I’m going to do it in the morning

and I’m going to do it at night.

I’m doing it on the left

And I’m doing to do it on the right.

I’m doing it from sun-up

to doing it to sundown.

I’m doing it sideway

I’m trying it upsidedown.

I’ve flipping it and smacked it. And worked it  down to the bone.

I’ll keep on doing  it, whilst chatting with  ladies or eating a bone

I’m gonna keep doing this thing

breathing air.

until  cows

answer   phones…

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What are friends for..

So i call up my part-time director/set builder friend and mess with him some days….he hates it!!

I tell him his brain is hot and fertile. always ready to be impregnated by new ideas and situation. He’s an information skank.  He should get some protection….
He laughs and tells me they don’t make a condom big enough to put me in….
I think I was insulted..

Friday folks! What bad economy? The reload

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Technical replay. MY last post was supposed to be my Daily Panoramic..  well before I realized it, somehow it remove the main picture leaving only  the one about a wonderful TV sweater.  Sorry, the one draw back, when you have readers receiving your post directly.

And Nothing can be done about!! I corrected the post by then it’s to late it’s in cyber space.


So I’m trying again,I’m not putting up  the same pic but another. Thank you for you patience. Not only god looks after the challenged


i sHOW yOU tHIS… again

Fox Hills again

Here is where I sat and day dreamed

Idle Thoughts

Sorry for the error hope I’m forgiven.. Now eat your vegetables & thank for Visiting

OH I would be remissed

Sweater. Really warm.  No HBO ESPN..ijs


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Friday folks! What bad economy?

Fox Hills Mall As I grew up, now they want me to call it westfield


Parked around the block up the hill, walked. 15min away yay1

Daughter dragged me kickingscreaming..

Saw a nice  60″ television with some guy with a sweater on it.

I showed my daughter…

Not a 60 inch samsung

I got the sweater

Thanks bunk woo.. I like that to..