A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?


I get everything I want!! For 10 dollars.. Pizza Hut! emailing, reminding me, I’m important

I don’t need no stinking validation from anyone! pizza loves me..

Bad day in Sillyvania

City Slogan..

“Better than Stupidville”

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Going Green: Never-ending terror or Summer low energy use..

I wanted to do a green challenge but I’ve haven’t been mobile lately.. So I wrote a  story about natural green power

(Lack of punctuation model)

The mouse in a hamster wheel running for cheese powering a light so the cat on a treadmill chasing him powers a door that opens so a barking dog on a just a long enough chain  pulling a weight that lift a gate that will let in the Dog catcher who’s in an outer room  to tranquilize  the dog that has rabies but the Dog catcher does not see through the window the Zombies coming down the hill behind him who are running because they smell stupid brains  YUM YUM                                                                                        I’ve Been Long Gone                                                          Period

If You’re  Here Thanks! Don’t forget to turn off the lights we’re Green.. Funkangeles

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Transmutation Ceiling Unit

Shhhh…. quiet.

When I came to….. this is what I saw.

Ten minutes ago, there was 35 people standing and moving here!!

With three security guards behind the desk!!

In the ceiling!!! that that, thing!!!      It started to spin and glow and it got longer!

man! I was coming from in the restroom.

I’ve got to get out of here…….

Realizing once outside, there where not many people left on the planet.

Alien creatures  where coming. !!  On the horizon some type of aircraft

They were taking people and turning them into mindless drones!

I dialed the ex number

She answered

She  survived…


I went to  the  Aliens.  Volunteerism..  I’m  drone # 25443

Thanks for der Visit!


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I now know Gastroenterologists

Heading into the older age realm. Preparations to extend one’s life is crucial and not the same for each of us.  At age fifty I discovered a medical examination terror awaited me.   A new type of Physician  for me with  legitimate horror tools and technics conceived to save our life!

The Gastroenterologists. “I am the nicest man in the world from the day you meet me until the day i exam you. And I’m still nice but you may not think so. You may not like me or my tools very much, glad to meet you!  My doctor was so very cool and elegant upon meeting him.  My senses tingled warning me..  He’s after something.. (my good health)  He told me  about the prep. More torture,  Then  about the endoscopy, I shuddered

OK here it is I’m Fifty years and feeling five years old. And since that age no one but myself around my anus, this being the way i preferred and liked the status quo.  Now i have this GUY!!!  OK doctor whom has me in a position I rather not describe and exploring like there is gold up in dem der hills which  description AGAIN  you’ll won’t have. But here is a picture of the cabinet  of extreme torturous  and mean spirited  tools “we can see your serial number on your brain,  probes.

Tool’s of a Sick Alien species

After the exam and feeling cheap and used.  I wonder to myself, what i did for him  ok, ok me!!!  I hope there’s candy some where down the road…

Then he said not again for two years

Oh I was good, Two years ?  Cold hands anyway…

After  feeling ran through,  on  the table.  It got done but  it is  not anything I’m looking forward to in the future

If living is your thing.   keeping the chute and ladders clear, you gotta follow up and  give a Gastrointestinal doctor a shot at  saving your life..   It  may be uncomfortable but it alerts you to potential problem.

Eat better is all I can offer. I’m getting a Juicer…

And on the way out the nurse gave me candy…..she knows.


Sunset Blvd (Scientology bldg)

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Happy Monday  Veterans Day to every Vet. that did it and do it for us!! Thank you very much..

You ROCK!!!

I’m not a Scientologist.  but they got a pretty campus..

Beautiful Imagery and Color ..ijs

Jim Jones & Tea party enough for me.  My Doctor’s next door.. But i do  think is’s a Lovely Building.

No politics.




Good sleep

Finally I got some good sleep…bad thing is, silly dreams.

So finally had a chance for some fresh air and out door communing.  Went to JellyStone Park had a great time.  Until. that is.  Two bears came  and stole our Picnic basket .. Well i was kinda was ready and all the food was gone. The only thing I had in the basket was gummy bears.

Gummy Life

The bears were pissed!

AND!!! the son of a guns, ate the gummy bears!!!!! the bastard cannibals ….

So I shot them..  I hate Cannibals..


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Fishing for Humans

This Post is a self Challenge  with regard to a picture I Posted.  The Kid.   Feel free to join. I promise, not a prize. only respect and comradeship.

Fishing for humans

I‘m down in one of my favorite  California city, touching the ocean,  San Pedro.   I’ve  just  stop to take a picture! Wow!  Look at that View!   To no one  but me..   There’s nobody  around but a kid.   It’s early 7am, On the way to school no doubt Well the early bird, get’s the worm is what I’ve always heard. 

I  stood watching. Waiting, then and additional challenge, presents itself.

To the side of me, this human adult. Just came up and climbed out of a transport machine and  is standing within my reach..almost!  It has a device and is not looking at me. This device,  the human holds it against  it’s delicious  face.

   I will stay and continue to eat this young one flesh from the inside.. I control his body until i eat his brain..  Which  I’m not going to do until the adult one……  Comes closer… …..