A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Going Green: Never-ending terror or Summer low energy use..

I wanted to do a green challenge but I’ve haven’t been mobile lately.. So I wrote a  story about natural green power

(Lack of punctuation model)

The mouse in a hamster wheel running for cheese powering a light so the cat on a treadmill chasing him powers a door that opens so a barking dog on a just a long enough chain  pulling a weight that lift a gate that will let in the Dog catcher who’s in an outer room  to tranquilize  the dog that has rabies but the Dog catcher does not see through the window the Zombies coming down the hill behind him who are running because they smell stupid brains  YUM YUM                                                                                        I’ve Been Long Gone                                                          Period

If You’re  Here Thanks! Don’t forget to turn off the lights we’re Green.. Funkangeles

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Transmutation Ceiling Unit

Shhhh…. quiet.

When I came to….. this is what I saw.

Ten minutes ago, there was 35 people standing and moving here!!

With three security guards behind the desk!!

In the ceiling!!! that that, thing!!!      It started to spin and glow and it got longer!

man! I was coming from in the restroom.

I’ve got to get out of here…….

Realizing once outside, there where not many people left on the planet.

Alien creatures  where coming. !!  On the horizon some type of aircraft

They were taking people and turning them into mindless drones!

I dialed the ex number

She answered

She  survived…


I went to  the  Aliens.  Volunteerism..  I’m  drone # 25443

Thanks for der Visit!


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The League of Excessively Cruel Dead Despots Yo.

LOXCDY  (locks cee dee) The League Excessively Cruel Despot Yo…

While spending a little eternity time in hell Osama Bin Laden was getting  bored with his one hundred beautiful maiden, he was  disappointed with their maidenliness, many had mustaches.

One morning during the hourly pledge  of allegiance to the United States Of America (Devil’s own sick joke) Osama whispered to Kadafi, I got a plan.  Grab Saddam, Idi Amin president of Uganda ,Ayatollah Khomeini, the leader of the Khmer Rouge Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler and Caligula, the party animal himself and tell them to meet at  Ivan the Terrible the Grand Duke of Muscovy‘s  Rock…..

Smiling to himself Osama like his chances… there might a couple of situation but he’d find a way to work it out..That Ivan..The should call him Ivan the terrible smelling and his temper is so bad, but whose isn’t in our group.   Back to  Ivan and Ivan jr. his son, following  him everywhere with that saff stuck in his head. You know dad killed  son? Right ? Love this Guy!!! sez Osama..

Saddam Hussein  President &  Prick of Iraq

Idi Amin Dada  President  & Prick of Uganda,

Ayatollah Khomeini Pure Prick  from Iran.

Pol Pot the leading Prick of the Khmer Rouge, Prime evil Minister of Cambodia

Adolf  Hitler Prick  Germany Butt muncher of questionable sexual ambiguity

Caligula the real butt munching party animal himself

Ivan the Terrible the Grand Dickhead of Muscovy . 1st Tsar of Russia

Intelligence is what these evil bastards  possess mixed with abundance of contempt for the human race. Add Greed, lust, Insecurity, Cruelty, mistrust  to that egomaniacs gathering…..

Next The Meeting……..




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Fishing for Humans

This Post is a self Challenge  with regard to a picture I Posted.  The Kid.   Feel free to join. I promise, not a prize. only respect and comradeship.

Fishing for humans

I‘m down in one of my favorite  California city, touching the ocean,  San Pedro.   I’ve  just  stop to take a picture! Wow!  Look at that View!   To no one  but me..   There’s nobody  around but a kid.   It’s early 7am, On the way to school no doubt Well the early bird, get’s the worm is what I’ve always heard. 

I  stood watching. Waiting, then and additional challenge, presents itself.

To the side of me, this human adult. Just came up and climbed out of a transport machine and  is standing within my reach..almost!  It has a device and is not looking at me. This device,  the human holds it against  it’s delicious  face.

   I will stay and continue to eat this young one flesh from the inside.. I control his body until i eat his brain..  Which  I’m not going to do until the adult one……  Comes closer… …..


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The Digital Finger

We Interrupt your normal fare for a commercial..

Male in robe……. late night.  He lives not far from a cemetery… across the street.  It’s the length of the block…

It’s after 12am, on Halloween   Early morning, tonight the little goblins run for candy.  Remembering he forgot his phone in the workshop and it alarms for him in the AM. Slipping into  loafers  his robe he shuffle out  the side door. The workshop  at the end of the driveway.  While  heading back, he notices  it’s quiet.   But It’s always quiet.   Continuing & thinking, even the crickets are quite.  This is California we get crickets all year.    Hearing  noise from behind him,  a shuffling, short breath, panting but slow..coming toward  him.   From down the street and into his driveway,   sounds, getting louder….saakkkkqqick  a drooling sound.. moving in his direction  Knowing he’s got  tools in the shop to deal with things.  Running to door robe flying open.

Fumbling at the lock…damn… something is behind me.. the lock, it’s it’s a combo!!!!!!

Combination Lock of death

ahhhhhhhh..eeeeeeeeeeeeee no no no nooooooooooooooo.. blood curdling scream ..

Combination will  get you kill 
When the  Zombies  attack make sure you survive to fight another day.. ..

Get a  Digital Lock !!!!!

So Zombies won’t Kill you

Zombies have no fingerprint, Don’t get killed by Zombies

Don’t die tonight !!!! get access!!

Zombie Proof your Home!

Especially if you live across from a cemetery!!!!

The Finger!!!! Your Life!!

Even if you don’t live across  from a cemetery

………………………………………..end advertisement




I Scary (close to my Home…Earth) Visual Stimulation


It’s Unique to me.


Something strange

I drive by..
My imagination,
runs back down the street.

In my head
I question myself.. do I stop!
givin it prop’s
that strange house sure do rock

So, foot on the brake
U turn back.
Get damn imagination
On track!

Slowed down.
To me it looks out of space brown.(to myself i clown)
Twisting wrenching
to break free,
windows off kilter, can it see?

damn,damn, damn…
imagination is naked
And running wild!!!
i member him..
silly, goofy 9-year-old child..

Snap! back to this Hunny hut, that’s caught our eye.
Sitting tall, proud, scary
like it materialized…

The Dispersal of time conundrum
affects, what is here!
Space has distorted
deposit, embedded.
Our town,Lord.. have fear.

And well, here comes imagination
back to the car
He’s so scary, he wouldn’t go far.
Shaking, Quaking,Excited with fear..
I Pulled him in closely
we got out of there….
I was sure out the crooked window
A glowing red eye appeared


Cool odd house in my neighborhood,I past it almost daily…
Visual Stimulation