A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

The Graf..Caught in the act… XXII On the street of La ..Part 1 of 2

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Hello everyone !!!

as always thanks for visiting this blog..    Last week as i was traveling about this fair city with the best weather in the world ..Hot  hot and more of it with  the cool breeze of the ocean coming in to cool off the masses most days.

I caught a couple of  fella doing the darn thing not far from my travel center. (By the way it’s all of Los angeles County thank you!)  Hooked up with a crew of the finest  set of outdoor expressionists of the Graf…

Here are a few picture i was able to snag as i was on my way somewhere in the 1st place.The only reason i was allowed closer was i made a promise not to shoot their


There will not be any faces or names given. This is street art not yo mamma’s art gallery. It is the streets and people can lose lives for doing this in the wrong place. It’s history is based on tagging your block or set,   it’s a message from the streets to the streets .. recognize..  Enjoy




I will post the finished work  next… Don’t cuss

come back…….


Hon… I’m sending the carriage to pick you up….

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My Queens, my ladies! The best thing about humankind….. 




2014-09-0202014-09-022 2014-09-10 16.50.11 2014-09-021


Next:  The Stallion that transports her…

Romantic with a hint O funk..

Come, my heart. It races when you, I See.

Please Carry on…

Graffiti Art: 58th St,La,Ca…. the other side: XVIII Pt 7 The Panoramic!

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Motherload! The last of my shots at this location……  unless i forgot/missed something, it’s highly likely! 









2014-07-20 13.53.31 2014-07-20 13.53.572014-07-20 13.52.222014-07-20 13.51.02 2014-07-20 13.50.30 2014-07-20 13.49.32



Thanks for visiting

“Carpe diem ”  Seize the day!   …. And make it sweat!

Carry On….

For the funk

Graffiti Art, 58th St, the other side: XVIII Pt 6

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2014-07-20 13.59.302014-07-20 13.59.302014-07-20 13.58.412014-07-20 13.58.16


Hi guys As always thanks for visiting and support and artist somewhere somehow expect nothing but the good that comes from your support..

P.S. I’m not and artist, can’t draw! I have problems with drawstring pants… please

Funkly Carry on…..