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Sunday Post: Christmas

What is your tradition? today In church I found I did not know  that St. Nickolas was a real  saint.

It just goes to show you how much you think you know versus what you truly really know. haha A good preacher should give something to chew on anyway.

I goggled it when i got home. (i have faith, not stupid)

My faith helped me regain my footing after a divorce.  And  i get along with my ex just like oil and vinegar…

R-L,Myles,Savion,Sharese,Rahmani (ex)  & me in center

R-L, Myles, Savion, Sharese, Rahmani (mom) & me shower Curtain JC Penny’s

 Merry Christmas


And Now that I’m a strapping  sexy 30 year again, I need some tempering. My pastor &  his wife and their kids see that I maintain small head size keeping growth manageable.   I think they’re hating, but what can u do??

Christmas is my mom Elma Juliana Vanterpool Jacobs   .. Lord knows we didn’t have much  but we did have each other.  As far back as I can remember my mom worked at schools. Mom was the lunch lady at in St.Thomas at Lockhart elementary  school. VI.  They would give me more food just because….(building a fat boy) Then she’d work at Bluebeard’s Castle in the summers..

At Christmas, churching was geared up a notch. Father Clark would  requisition  two of my older brothers.. Larry & Ricky into service, which I believe, it’s called being an altar boys. yup, for a few years. I wanted  to get in the mix but I was to young.  As bad as they where as teens they needed to preload with God anyway. St. Andrew’s is an Episcopal Church down the street from my Grandmother House.

We would be allowed to order from the Wards or Sears catalogs what we wanted for gifts or gift depending on the financial status that year.  But it didn’t matter we always had the most fun playing with each other and each other toys. I think my brother Larry and I pooled  to get a big and better. (mom liked this) Big fun from a big family and I’m talking cousins speaking Spanish & french eating everything and having fun at all the various homes.. And this celebration of the birthday of Christ is not about gifts to ourselves. We learned a long time ago from our mom what Christmas is really about. We still wanted presents. Their is lot’s to be said about good will toward humans and peace and prosperity for all. To help other and doing your best to  not be crass and or a donkey. And not only during this week coming up, the birthday of Christ!  But the whole year.
An effort of kindness my not be thanked. So do it for another reason.
Happy Birthday  Jesus
Thank you for all..


Past Tense (grrrrr)

Tough week, so… Took it out on the post. grrrrrr

Incivility is the order of the moment a way bad day!

i will  stab this post and gouge meaning out of it.  Any-kind of way.

Preposterous i’ll be. already unreasoning .

Low quack from a dog

Or vegen  turducken,  it’s look! to b an ass season

dis-respectable un-readable  erudition



obfuscating  sense

emotion so drives me

but now

it’s  all..


It remains  past tense…




Daily Prompt: Last Words

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it. Daily Prompt (from Daily Post)

My last written moronic dribbble …  3months blogging I’m a bad speller and they are going to charge for spell checking.. i’m joining the animal kingdom.

This is good bye

It’s hopeless

I’m foolish therefore,

Buffoonery is June’s gift

We stole it from her

Made July have fits

August  dusty dry

September, students cries

Dog ate homework lies

My writing at last  is all but done

A new allegiance with animals

We all now have,  no THUMBS


Allso da spelcheka want two be piad moeny.. ain heapping.