A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Monthly report

One Moment it seemed i had all this time for writing and was enjoying myself…..

Life happens!

It’s the season to be more social and get out and get things done..

I haven’t done none of that.

I been upgrading  computers  trying to solve a financial conundrum…

Where is the cash??

One minute your in it… Next  thing you know.

It belongs to someone else…



OK carry on


Carry on…

Bitching and whining department monthly report ..

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Chair O Pain… The dentist and I

The Pain In the rain Chair day

The Pain In the rain chair day

Found out that I got some cavities and I’m ashamed of my greedy teeth for holding out and having a stash …

I do my job, i wash brush them every morning and most nights… Dr.G who is a fine & excellent man of great needling ability.

The way he shakes your lip to distract from the long  tricking needle he is jamming in your face….

2012-11-27 13.21.45Ok  once you look at the needle it hurts more  in my  world…

The Needler

The Needler and me  giving a finger to them

It was a good day today in the rain.

I got to sit and live through the chair of pain

but without shame

and only me to blame

And more
2012-11-27 14.12.55 visits

to the chair o pain

Friday folks! What bad economy? The reload

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Technical replay. MY last post was supposed to be my Daily Panoramic..  well before I realized it, somehow it remove the main picture leaving only  the one about a wonderful TV sweater.  Sorry, the one draw back, when you have readers receiving your post directly.

And Nothing can be done about!! I corrected the post by then it’s to late it’s in cyber space.


So I’m trying again,I’m not putting up  the same pic but another. Thank you for you patience. Not only god looks after the challenged


i sHOW yOU tHIS… again

Fox Hills again

Here is where I sat and day dreamed

Idle Thoughts

Sorry for the error hope I’m forgiven.. Now eat your vegetables & thank for Visiting

OH I would be remissed

Sweater. Really warm.  No HBO ESPN..ijs


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Friday folks! What bad economy?

Fox Hills Mall As I grew up, now they want me to call it westfield


Parked around the block up the hill, walked. 15min away yay1

Daughter dragged me kickingscreaming..

Saw a nice  60″ television with some guy with a sweater on it.

I showed my daughter…

Not a 60 inch samsung

I got the sweater

Thanks bunk woo.. I like that to..


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I now know Gastroenterologists

Heading into the older age realm. Preparations to extend one’s life is crucial and not the same for each of us.  At age fifty I discovered a medical examination terror awaited me.   A new type of Physician  for me with  legitimate horror tools and technics conceived to save our life!

The Gastroenterologists. “I am the nicest man in the world from the day you meet me until the day i exam you. And I’m still nice but you may not think so. You may not like me or my tools very much, glad to meet you!  My doctor was so very cool and elegant upon meeting him.  My senses tingled warning me..  He’s after something.. (my good health)  He told me  about the prep. More torture,  Then  about the endoscopy, I shuddered

OK here it is I’m Fifty years and feeling five years old. And since that age no one but myself around my anus, this being the way i preferred and liked the status quo.  Now i have this GUY!!!  OK doctor whom has me in a position I rather not describe and exploring like there is gold up in dem der hills which  description AGAIN  you’ll won’t have. But here is a picture of the cabinet  of extreme torturous  and mean spirited  tools “we can see your serial number on your brain,  probes.

Tool’s of a Sick Alien species

After the exam and feeling cheap and used.  I wonder to myself, what i did for him  ok, ok me!!!  I hope there’s candy some where down the road…

Then he said not again for two years

Oh I was good, Two years ?  Cold hands anyway…

After  feeling ran through,  on  the table.  It got done but  it is  not anything I’m looking forward to in the future

If living is your thing.   keeping the chute and ladders clear, you gotta follow up and  give a Gastrointestinal doctor a shot at  saving your life..   It  may be uncomfortable but it alerts you to potential problem.

Eat better is all I can offer. I’m getting a Juicer…

And on the way out the nurse gave me candy…..she knows.


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Thy Name Is Evil

Evil Treadmill

Torture mill

I think you are not a challenge. This is usually the night before. I’ve decide that i will climb aboard and let you propel my chicken legs. I erroneously believe since i ran in high school and in college. I can just turn it on like that! irregardless. there’s  additional amount of tonnage i may be carting about. If don’t exercise i gain weight easy and fast because… My zest for life I deny myself nothing . Pizza, beer, Pizza, wings, Italian pie,Sushi, tomato sauce  laden bread with cheese toasted, Chocolate cake..ect… I HAVE NO CONTROL. There i said it, I’m undisciplined. I see my marine corps big brothers and they make me sick!! I’m like my navy brother we are round, we float better. But I kid I’m large and decided not to get larger . so treadmill is evil and i do 1 hour every other day. i can do 3.5 miles so far.. let’s repeat it huh? a lot!

Lazy Funkangeles