A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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My blog Commercial…



A love passion muse thing..

(yea! the english muffin! that how i roll, nevermind)

Nooks and Crannies



Your Nooks and Crannies

I try

to get to them


Your nooks

and your Cranny’s



the right way.

When i find you..

early mornings

Inviting and delicious..

Heavenly, Crunchy

I  look forward

to all of our kisses.

In my hands

On my lips

Your crumbs may linger

And through a long minute

i may, i might…i could

lick a finger…

my innermost joy

splashed with grand colors

let’s add

Some Jam

to  that sweet Nooks, crannies, butter.

(cigarette, break here.. )

As we share

in our noisy bliss

The ignorant hates

And the smiles

of the  prejudice

I leave happy

full fine and fancy

for in my belly lies

Thomas’s nooks and

Thomas’s crannies

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Ramblings II: If space is a vacuum how come no one, uses it to clean and other frustrations

The Great Floss Conspiracy

Why does floss do what floss do?

One day while  cleaning my closet..  hanging up shirts, matching shoes and  putting away….. you know, hiding from the kids..  On the floor, in a corner, way back there… it revealed itself… Dental Floss,  waxed…. found when not needed!! How does it do that???  Able to be in places, you’re wondering, how?  I was in the trunk of my car looking for a tool, I didn’t find the tool but in my toolbox , found… Oral-B Simi-waxed 10thousand feet!  It might as well have been.

   Have you every finished a roll, spindle (what do you call them) of floss??  Not me, not yet, not in this lifetime
Found when not needed!!
I  find myself buying floss, never finishing floss,  I buy it,  It goes into my medicine cabinet. Then  disappears into the unknown….somewhere  out there laughing at my befuddlement and how easily, i can be fooled or  After I’ve use a needle and priced my lip and ended up in emergency. All for something stuck in my tooth.

On this one day, on my kitchen counter-top is a big juicy mango. Being a mango lover from way back.  I had my way with that mango!  It wasn’t pretty. An you know, nether was I. If you’re a mango eater there is not a more pitiful sight as one who just ate a mango..your sticky and juice is running down your hand/arms and the hair of the mango is most likely in your tooth. Great time for some Floss & of course you go to the bathroom to get some of that floss, Remembering you found some in the closet and in the car and dutifully, returned them to the bathroom.. right?

I can’t find the floss…. dang! I knew that’s the way of the world.  When I’m old and living in a room by myself… with no draw or draws
My Floss will disappear because that’s what it do…
The Floss Conglomerates has us buying way more than we need. They have devise  floss with special  techniques of 
avoidance and cloaking abilities ….

And evil upon evil…. Bacon Even If I didn't have teeth, I still want...

I’ve got mango in my teeth an I’m on the way to grab some floss from the store….Now if I can just finish a Box, spindlerolltubethingy.

With you, I leave these immortal words  by

Patches O’Houlihan  (Dodgeball)

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.     

Floss gone again ? Where the floss?


Breaking news: Band report

My pastor has made me start a band at the church…..Yay

I think he just wants four more new members for the church..

He thinks he’s getting me four time a month,

When i was married i got nothing four times a month

except grief .

I don’t care if  he’s a friend first

Don’t be trick pastoring me…

Monday at 5:30 ?

The Kids have been waiting..

No I’m not doing Tuesday also..

Look!! home slice!

I can talk to god without you running interference..ok?

so!!! i played for four hundred churches…

been there done that…

the devil pays well!!

don’t push me……


Monday & Tuesday 5:30 huh?



Pastor, tell my friend Joseph I hate him..

I don’t care “He loves you too”

see you Monday at 5:30


Hey good news i got a band..


oh well thank you God

You know I’m funky?

God has a blessing with your name on it!!

ok pastor!

Lord hep me.

……….never mind

you did .

a  little rock & roll??

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Wat ya say we just drop all the bull and speak the truth ?

Ya’ll out looking for stupid people… I know!!


You keep coming to my blog..

It seems a lesser man greater than myself could not be found for ridicule,   so youz  got me ahhh??

Even tho I subjugate  my intellectual  omnipotentness and delectably  lure you in with wit and incredible remediable accidental insight and It’s cause..  me got some school’n… mon

So go on, and assume you’ve reach the core  loony site.


And Oh yea!!!

New readers..Cool! …. & old, thanks for following…

I’m still lost tho..

Go home..

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Monthly report

One Moment it seemed i had all this time for writing and was enjoying myself…..

Life happens!

It’s the season to be more social and get out and get things done..

I haven’t done none of that.

I been upgrading  computers  trying to solve a financial conundrum…

Where is the cash??

One minute your in it… Next  thing you know.

It belongs to someone else…



OK carry on


Carry on…

Bitching and whining department monthly report ..

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Chair O Pain… The dentist and I

The Pain In the rain Chair day

The Pain In the rain chair day

Found out that I got some cavities and I’m ashamed of my greedy teeth for holding out and having a stash …

I do my job, i wash brush them every morning and most nights… Dr.G who is a fine & excellent man of great needling ability.

The way he shakes your lip to distract from the long  tricking needle he is jamming in your face….

2012-11-27 13.21.45Ok  once you look at the needle it hurts more  in my  world…

The Needler

The Needler and me  giving a finger to them

It was a good day today in the rain.

I got to sit and live through the chair of pain

but without shame

and only me to blame

And more
2012-11-27 14.12.55 visits

to the chair o pain

Friday folks! What bad economy? The reload

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Technical replay. MY last post was supposed to be my Daily Panoramic..  well before I realized it, somehow it remove the main picture leaving only  the one about a wonderful TV sweater.  Sorry, the one draw back, when you have readers receiving your post directly.

And Nothing can be done about!! I corrected the post by then it’s to late it’s in cyber space.


So I’m trying again,I’m not putting up  the same pic but another. Thank you for you patience. Not only god looks after the challenged


i sHOW yOU tHIS… again

Fox Hills again

Here is where I sat and day dreamed

Idle Thoughts

Sorry for the error hope I’m forgiven.. Now eat your vegetables & thank for Visiting

OH I would be remissed

Sweater. Really warm.  No HBO ESPN..ijs