A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Hon… I’m sending the carriage to pick you up….

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My Queens, my ladies! The best thing about humankind….. 




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Next:  The Stallion that transports her…

Romantic with a hint O funk..

Come, my heart. It races when you, I See.

Please Carry on…

Butterflies are free..Happy Tuesday

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Had to do a little walking this morning. I spied  on top of a tree, this beautiful butterfly, it was large..




From flower to flower i float

around I twirl,

lofting up

floating down

like no one’s at the wheel

I settle on a flower

from a crawl in my youth


to free flight

drink the nectar

high in the trees

Butterflies are free


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Rock Star Butterfly

The Baconpolooza extravaganza “Day Of Bacon” Happy Baconday!!!! yaaaay

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Bacon Morning!


It’s that time of the year again.(Yes i have a bacon celebration,don’t judge me!! pssth!) From the early years. I remember, how much I love bacon and, look what I compiled from off the web. One day of Bacon…

Bacon and all things Bacon

Bacon Studies

From the University of Bacon Studies

Bacon is……

Start your day with Baconimages (1)





Bacon cleaning

Brush your teeth with bacon

Happy Bacon and Eggs

Happy Bacon and Eggs

A bacon donut breakfast

A bacon donut breakfast

In a mean world, be ready

It’s a mean world, be ready. Zombies may be attracted to bacon flavored humans



Keep Cancer at bay..only bacon fat will kill I'm good with that..

Keep Cancer at bay. Bacon fat will kill you..and…….. I’m good with that!

BaconWeave Taco Lunch

BaconWeave Taco Lunch

It's Lunch, come on! I work out........side

It’s Lunch, come on! I work out……..side Diet?


Snacks of bacon of course!!

Snacks of bacon of course!!

Flossing the Bacon

Flossing the Bacon. After all the junk.  Bacon Floss!

Afternoon Mantra

Afternoon Mantra

Next door's kid had a booboo while we were tossing a ball

Next door’s kid had a booboo while we were tossing a ball










Keeping my Bacon Smooth

Keeping my Bacon Smooth



Ordered some flowers for my bacon loving sweetie

Ordered some flowers for my bacon loving sweetie. Taking her out tonight

Bacon keeps a smile on my Girl

Bacon keeps a smile on my girl’s face

Taking my girl to see some bacon art, Starry Night

We went to see some bacon art, Starry Night

Italian tonight i bring my own breadsticks

Then Italian dinner. I brought  my own breadsticks.

Time to set the mood

When we got to my loft,later that evening, it was time to set the mood


Getting my bacon on

Still getting my bacon on

Because I got bacon to give.....heehee

Because I got bacon to give…..

Sir Francis Bacon says good night !

Sir Francis Bacon says, good night ! Cheeky boy..

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Have a  Funky Bacon day!!

Carry on….

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Soda Warehouse anyone? Galco’s of course

2014-05-28 11.43.59In Los Angeles  one of my favorite Deli places is “Galco’s Old World Grocery” in

Galco’s soda Pop Stop is in Los Angeles. All kinds of soda and beer and old candy or candy from the 60,70..

2014-05-28 11.45.05 Not that young any longer…2014-05-28 11.40.27 2014-05-28 11.38.59 2014-05-28 11.39.352014-05-28 11.47.33 2014-05-28 11.48.392014-05-28 11.44.16


Quench your funky thirst at Galco’s sometime with me..

as alway thank you for visiting ..

Carry on….. 🙂