A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?


The trails and tribulations of Single father of three, the youngest a boy, seventeen.  Worked@ Dept. Of Water and Power LA. Former working musician. Recovering from a health issue. got sick,was giving walking papers. Set-back four years..Finding a state of mind that pleases me… I’m older… Selfish (I’ve learned). (Urge to insert vulgarities ) But I am a giver… and that’s what I’ve got to learn to stop.  People tended to take kindness for weakness. I would offer more info but I would have to slap you.  Already I changed..stay tune for  “Dad’s off the meds.”

Claim to fame..Sharese J,Savion D. & Myles T. the fruit of my loins…ugh. A little too much..O_0? Bass,Bass,amps,piano,reggae,funk,showers,the beach,naked smiles… are some of my likes.

This would be the ending of my dis-like list in order of dislike the most…. Moldy hot dog buns, animal cruelty,vampire dairies all of em, nuclear rain and fallout,finding out in the end, my maker is the devil.. republicans…ex-wife.

Played around Los Angeles for many years in various bands and clubs(onclub,mollys malones,bravebull) and thousands of churches….

Out of the music loop now. Trying to clawing my way back in….

So where is my Band??? My Drummer, Guitar player, my pianist where r my fellow m/f reprobates..oh yea an a stinking singer..sheesh

I don’t want to see Zeff..

I also do media stuff.

Kiss,kiss .. Toodles

ddubayu of Funkangeles

Daryl Wilfred Vanterpool

2 thoughts on “Funkangeles

  1. I use to play the flute (lol) with this do? I like “Funkangeles California” Congrats for getting off your meds….I’m still on mine. Nice post. I hope you will come visit my site sometime. If not, okay you don’t have to stop by. Have a great rest of the week and the up coming weekend! 😉


    • Dj If i may, I’ve already enjoyed your site! I stop by, I’ve taken small bites. Getting to know u, I return ur salutaion & kind words..I love Flute, good! Easy to get those chops back..aha 🙂


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