A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday .

Hello everyone I’ve been running  a lot and had to make some time to create short piece music the the multimedia. It could be more christmassy but i didn’t have good time….Lol. Anyway with love and peace from my Family and I, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday and the best  to all. Happy Hanukkah to some friends and Peace unto all people, in this one world we share.

The Graf, 60th st, Los Angeles XXVII, one of many

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The Layout, big industrial  yard. Degree of difficulty; medium. private property.  Fence climbing involved? hell yes.   I’m too old for this crap. But, I got a fever and the only thing good for it?…. is more graffiti, lots and lots of graffiti.2014-07-0332014-07-23 11.16.402014-07-23 11.16.502014-07-23 11.14.052014-07-23 11.07.16

The Beginning 2014-07-034

The End


The Price is Wrong

The middle, in the next few weeks

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