A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Hon… I’m sending the carriage to pick you up….

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My Queens, my ladies! The best thing about humankind….. 




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Next:  The Stallion that transports her…

Romantic with a hint O funk..

Come, my heart. It races when you, I See.

Please Carry on…

Graffiti Art: 58th St,La,Ca…. the other side: XVIII Pt 7 The Panoramic!

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Motherload! The last of my shots at this location……  unless i forgot/missed something, it’s highly likely! 









2014-07-20 13.53.31 2014-07-20 13.53.572014-07-20 13.52.222014-07-20 13.51.02 2014-07-20 13.50.30 2014-07-20 13.49.32



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“Carpe diem ”  Seize the day!   …. And make it sweat!

Carry On….

For the funk

Graffiti Art, 58th St, the other side: XVIII Pt 6

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2014-07-20 13.59.302014-07-20 13.59.302014-07-20 13.58.412014-07-20 13.58.16


Hi guys As always thanks for visiting and support and artist somewhere somehow expect nothing but the good that comes from your support..

P.S. I’m not and artist, can’t draw! I have problems with drawstring pants… please

Funkly Carry on…..