A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

It’s almost that time….. Daily Panoramic: Beachy Keen@Santa Monica, Ca

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Come on out we saved a spot for you….. No hating.

OK a little hating allowed.

  Hey, Hey your blocking the ocean

Hey, Hey your blocking the ocean
And you said no on would be here

And you said no one would be here


Blue …I missed You!

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Later ! While at a friends auto body shop. In the of City Los Angeles,Ca.  A small blue Mustang was spotted, in my life adventures. I could tell she was a vintage 58 with 2014 finish.. She was rollin on dubs, chrome. Sally said “take it, you know you want to!” So right there, in front of everyone…
I whipped out my camera and took her….Into the memory chip, the sd card. To have forever.Then, i had a smoke and  as i left Sally, I think she winked at me.2014-03-10 13.24.17 2014-03-10 13.24.55 2014-03-10 13.26.22 2014-03-10 13.26.00 2014-03-10 13.25.21