A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Blue …I missed You!

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Later ! While at a friends auto body shop. In the of City Los Angeles,Ca.  A small blue Mustang was spotted, in my life adventures. I could tell she was a vintage 58 with 2014 finish.. She was rollin on dubs, chrome. Sally said “take it, you know you want to!” So right there, in front of everyone…
I whipped out my camera and took her….Into the memory chip, the sd card. To have forever.Then, i had a smoke and  as i left Sally, I think she winked at me.2014-03-10 13.24.17 2014-03-10 13.24.55 2014-03-10 13.26.22 2014-03-10 13.26.00 2014-03-10 13.25.21


Author: Funkangeles

Finding myself one story at time..and... Really, where are you? My Band.. Musically inclined to encourage humans and non humans, to enjoy themselves...

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