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Daily Panoramic and more : Culver City II

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Mural at thinkspace Culver City



Minding my business driving and doing what I do. Not looking where I’m driving…(I’m always on the lookout for Art/Graffiti . I’m going to murder a car bumper one day)

Over in the City of Culver (County of Los Angeles) I saw a series of paintings, that had me doing  almost illegal things in the road with my vehicle.  They are building a transit hub over there for the Los Angeles Metro as it expands and covers more of our fair Los Angelescape..

Having many locations for parking I jettison the car and start to take pictures working around the building

Then I ran into Handiedan and Yuri of Amsterdam… Two of the coolest souls one could ever meet! We chatted and i exclaim my awe and appreciation  of her work . I requested a picture so I could share with you guys! Unfortunately I lost some pictures as they did not upload prior to my deletion from phone, sorry Yuri I had you..

(I want to say Michelle but I could be wrong)

Handiedan was the sweetest! I was  invited  to the Opening Reception Saturday!   April 6th @6pm-9pm  At thinkspace  6009 Washington Blvd Ca. 90232

I will post the murals….soon

A new friend<br /><br />2013-04-04


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