A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?


Friday Fictioneers: Paths

We all can choose…

Out of all the paths to travel.

the one that ends.

At sand and starts at seas

always been

a happy moment

for me…


Hi  Fictioneers!!

Thanks  Rochelle

I’m a fan..

Thanks  Randum Muzer. 🙂

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Your Story: Cold


Photography By Sethsnap: Cold

Ancient Indians

The plains

They’ve  seen the same..

Year after year after year the same thing.

That was.

is still.


This year.

Last year.

Buffalo roaming


elk and dear.

IT’S Fricking cold again!

I’m going to go sleep with hibernating bear.




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arr. day in rain.

Off to work

Off to work


Monday I had gotten a call from a good client/friend..?

Wow.. I’ve been fixing his computer for years. His daughter was seven years old, when I 1st met Afshin.. Now  she  a teenager..Same computer  Wow Afshin’s cheap…Haha

Actually with proper service  a computer can last for years. I think i replaced the power supply once over the years and add memory and upgraded to a  DVD burner for the him and that’s since  2007..

Well he called me,on  monday, It had died. …

Thursday i finally had a chance to get out to San Pedro. It was raining,  cat and donkeys

Yes! I’m a kook about rain..Love it! being in it! out of it ! watching it inhaling it. I dig it!   So out i head to the coast and it’s dropping! see!  I was hoping, he would not cancel…. But i got out and played in the rain.

End of story…


Oh…. the computer. dead…..DED. XP OS,  Hard drive baked! COOKED!  Had to drive to store, bought a new 1tb(terabyte) drive (59.00) Put it in,  and loaded and upgrade  to windows 7, 64bit, installed 4 gb’s of ram,mcafee’d it …slapped it on the rump.  It burpped and came on…windows…. chimes.

Happy client happy techy


Ok now… end of story..

Yay  day

Yay day


1st Street Downtown Los Angeles


Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

2013-01-01 11.10.44This building on the left, is my old stomping grounds. Worked there 10 years. . Building on the right is the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion  Music Hall…….

Ok I’ve  got to get out of the middle of the street

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My blog Commercial…



A love passion muse thing..

(yea! the english muffin! that how i roll, nevermind)

Nooks and Crannies



Your Nooks and Crannies

I try

to get to them


Your nooks

and your Cranny’s



the right way.

When i find you..

early mornings

Inviting and delicious..

Heavenly, Crunchy

I  look forward

to all of our kisses.

In my hands

On my lips

Your crumbs may linger

And through a long minute

i may, i might…i could

lick a finger…

my innermost joy

splashed with grand colors

let’s add

Some Jam

to  that sweet Nooks, crannies, butter.

(cigarette, break here.. )

As we share

in our noisy bliss

The ignorant hates

And the smiles

of the  prejudice

I leave happy

full fine and fancy

for in my belly lies

Thomas’s nooks and

Thomas’s crannies

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Blog Commercial addendum January whine

(This was a combined with a poem I separated them)

Seemly i’ve stopped doing my best ..but not really! I have been very busy with living. The grind of everyday coffee is a life worth living. ha jokes

I have been distracted from the blog and making errors worst than normal..

(i think i have to fired my proof reader)

I have a short attention span.. I write it  but do i  got have to read it for CORRECTIONS too?

Usually the goofy Gemini side runs the stuff most of the time. The boring serious gemini checks it. I keep him down ..he’s just so fucking boring but spels wel…

I am so lazy and a poor spelling, bum.. I know this!

And you’re “liking” me is giving me work.

Slave-drivers… 🙂  thank you 🙂  ha

ok truth..

I like doing the blog thing! I usually write week ahead in advance. Lately the force has being disturbed. And I’m behind. ;(

Working and sleeping has begun to have a effect on  quality.. life is happening.. I sign up for classes at my old college.. clear out the cobwebs

The other morning i fell out of my bed and chipped…

the concrete floor.  Me?  a little bump on the head….this caused something. what I don’t know what, yet..

But I’m Passionate .. again..  And  mines is real.  but i got a few like Mr.Te’o too.