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Your Story : Country (mile)

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Farming Country

Photograph Stolen from seth snap Your Story: Country

The Mile..

Jax knew everyone was looking at him as he was gathering  up his supply..

Uncle Spindle was going over the route again just making sure that I had it right …

I know unc… I have to make it to the building on the far right first and get access  from the side of the second tall building (silo). And  make it to the other tall building and meet Mr Ciss or his any of his offspring  and they will add to it..  I will then give them a portion of what you!  no I  received from the queen today..

He continued, You’re to take this route to this build here in the middle ..drawing in the dirt. Give all that you have left, to the Dees clan and the will give you berry extract to take to the red building,  over here (again, the dirt) for processing … After it’s processed you have to make it back here before time runs out….

Your Queen and family honors your sacrifice. Fully aware you may lose your life and  all are honored by you and your brothers task.   Life expectancy being fifty to ninety days,  we celebrate you…

Knowing this was his last time talking his Uncle he said some stupid..see u later..

Unc just smiled..sat down and waved

Jax started off in line with others,  after a while he found a note in his pocket

Dear Little ant

You know I’m 88 days old.. It seem like only  yesterday when you where hatched…Time flies.

That’s a big field to cross…….. gonna take weeks

Little ant….  take big steps….

I remember when we use to joke about that last week …ah good memories.. big steps


P.S.. please share this note with your 1200 brothers..

Ant life  a tiny biographic epic!!!!!

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  1. Great job. Thanks for participating.


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