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Your Story: Blue Bank (On happy street)

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Blue Bank

Photography By Seth Snap, Your Story Challenge

The blue bank

It’s a electric blue

I like blue. I wake up and love that the sky is blue (not grey or overcast)

I look forward to blue seas, pools, blue horizons

I’m Blue, the describer of feelings

The blues, music dedicated to describing it.

Any nothing as cool Blue…cool color

Blue needs better representation that a bank..

I glad this is no longer a bank

Beautiful empty bank..

Banks now, are crass and greedy always looking for way to generate a charge,It  cost to go in it cost to go out and  it cost to tell you that it’s costing you….

That’s why it’s closed blue represent up-ness and light, contrary to dark money grubbing banks or the economy went kaput… I don’t know I’m winging it!!

But i give this bank credit for trying to liven up the block with color..

Building available for Day care center

Or a Sesame Street Shoot…

Happy Street Count

A Poem

This building by the clock

The Farmer and Mechanics

Looks like the  block of Bert and  Ernie

And a big  yellow bird, you know! the alphabet fanatics. 

untethered my mind wanders

and this is what i think i heard

 inside of the bank

where the count is counting

and causing a big goofy stir

He’s counted out every dollar

coming in and going out.

He’s Counted every client

 Counted all the teeth in all the peoples mouths

He’s counted dimes, nickels, quarters  & penny’s 

from here to Timbuktu

Counted all the doors, lock and lights, We  stopped him from counting nose hairs too!

So they found a new position special just like him.

Called up the brush factory

Counting bristles

on brushes

is where


you’ll find him…

Ah!!!! threehundredandthirtytwothousandfour bristles!!


Author: Funkangeles

Finding myself one story at time..and... Really, where are you? My Band.. Musically inclined to encourage humans and non humans, to enjoy themselves...

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