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False Postulations

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This post get’s blamed on  one who suffers from,a funny-bone disorder or bloggery lunacy and is always willing insisting on sharing.

Financial stability is at hand due to a  temporary windfall.    I’m debating which course or direction to take. I attend an institution now. When I’m discharged  ah I graduate.  I’m  going to school to get teaching credentials to be a sub or to New York  City for Jazz or Jazz in Paris. Alas Paris doesn’t seem that sexy anymore.  Mon dure!   Studying abroad comes to mind. I love to travel!  To see and experience  curves around lovely turns. Lush sweet-scented  gardens of intrigue perhaps an interlude a dalliance here there…jazz in France, dreams of a younger man.

Studying abroad…OK  substitution in my perfect sick world…hmm. Why do, Lady or Not comes to mind?   Rebecca a perfect broad with humor

Studies abroad  of a sharp woman; I do have compassion for the man who did winwoo her. He has to be Clark Kent getting into superman tights all the freaking day.Having to Fighting off the men that want to encourage  this lovely dame babe hottie … Mommie  to abandon him. Feed him amnesia… Of course she’s a superheroin, of fun! Verbal ejaculation indeed..

Now if can just get a pell grant.  I’ll write a thesis, abroad  the right way!   I would have conduct studies, write reports and do updates on my finding.  Which I’ve  done  already often..  Reading and reading her blog,  furiously down and then up, down again from the beginning and again and quicker read longer

And I love to travel!   To see and experience  the curves around lovely turns.  Thick Lush sweet-scented  gardens of intrigue and perhaps an interlude or a dalliance her on to…..never mind..jazz abroad….dreams of a man.

In my studies I would not expect to meet the subject,but if i did it would be bonus. Far warning, I cannot be held responsible for any actions or act that canmay happen. I’ve drool so much once when meeting  Halie Berry she slipped and almost fell,  my inability to maintain  my drool cool around witty spunky pretty women…

Lady or Not “Banner placing under Protest”

Funny person and SHE sez she’s not! or wasn’t. STOP depress my fun with real are why people stalk.  Very stalk worthy,high appeal..ijs   (But officer I’m her protect stalker!!!) I tell you, Whatever’s comes outta her brain it is not going to be mundane and is always entertaining. Not the stuff of ordinary mortals.  The fellas and I at the asylum Instillation adore her.  She rights me..

Thanks Becca your ae fun & one of the good guys with boobs! …rule wisely



Author: Funkangeles

Finding myself one story at time..and... Really, where are you? My Band.. Musically inclined to encourage humans and non humans, to enjoy themselves...

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