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Diarrhea forms of …. supposition

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 Inventing words edition. Stupidosition  (invented will be green)

The Diarrhetic blog, blogger blogging & posting of stuff cause I write, thingy. 

DBBB&POSCiW  It runs on crap fueling a shitty world

First order: Ink Color is important I think brown fits..

Imaginatnary  Host

Hi I’ll be you host  for the evening.  Ready to  handle all of your diarrhetic inquiries.

Starting with  Rudepulicantions,  somebody during this last political season may have utilised techniques and or  practices from this  non-constructional manual..

disclaimer: This writer deems that these  writing has no value other than to have you read three hundred words or more!  A stranger who’s typing on his neighbors computer..through their den window.  

Diarrhea has been running through my thoughts and i had to waste some one’s time. Hurrying to saying nothing important.  Bye the way. Adore you!Thanks for Visiting  I run on…


It canmay  be applied, in a useful way, to a certain  hole…….. On your face..( dirty mind)    

When a person is talking non-stop, it can be  regarded as having diarrhea of the mouth.

Diarrhea of the Mouth, let us expand on this..

We say this because we are polite and it’s better than saying. ” He had an avalanche of words coming out his mouth”..  the problem with that statement is, it’s kinda nice.  

It could be misconstrued as a comportment of pleasantry and admiration and falseities..  Now the same sentences  with

A Substitution in 

“He had and avalanche of shit coming out his mouth”  

In that  example,  it  is  implied and not literal. Unfortunately words  used in this fashion tend to be inflammatory and could escalate into an arse whupping.  Thusly this form is  not usually found in polite company.   

A host or hostess wishing not to being called crude or vulgar.. Diarrhea of the mouth was coined..

Diarrhea in it’s natural state. Is not pretty.

If you’re comparing some’s mouth to this, THAT is just RUDE! So we see the intent                                                            (Sorry for the graphics)

Diarrhea of the mouth:  it’s good and it’s bad

From your face hole….An uncontrolled spewing with potential for erudition but most likely naught,  non factual unsubstantiated wind driven claptrap perambulation of a tongue,  blabbing, lips flapping, tongue waggling with a direct connection  to anus.  Jawing, chewing the fat, char and or curd, bellyaching, gibbering, blabbing, gabbing, flapping  the gums and or lips, locomotion mouth, lippy,Long winded,wind bag, Motor mouth, Non-Stop jawing, Politician..

Diarrhea of the blogger,    DB’r

I can go on and give more examples and of course that’s what the good DB’r does!

I feel my saturation level is high but  not red lined as of yet. But I’m cresting,  near the upper level and close to overflow. So I’ll stop the crap..  now.

The Diarrhetic




Author: Funkangeles

Finding myself one story at time..and... Really, where are you? My Band.. Musically inclined to encourage humans and non humans, to enjoy themselves...

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