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Super Sad Uplifting Day

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A dear friend of mines lost his sister and I was invited to the celebration at church.

Cremation being the choice. I  supported a brother from another mother and his family.  I was invited to play.

Super Sad Bright Day (cartooned)

It was  loud, Joyous and emotional many a boxes of tissue were passed out..  My buds  sister, was a giver. Having being certified as a caregiver, she did.  Young or  disabled, old and crotchety.  With a smile and disregard  of personal health issues 48 years young.    Today we saw a mother and her family, two little girls and a nine and twelve-year-old boys, take  the microphone and laud  praises on this  angelic woman. Offering  warmness and more tears. A Deluge  of emotions.  Honored   I was to be there.  I’ve been acquainted  with sister from services and she has always been encouraging  to me and friendly.

Asked to accompany the playing of a song written and sung by her niece and her Brother the Pastor of this church.  I played, I pray. Many wept.  I think  she’s would have liked celebration!

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” 
Albert Pike



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