A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Birthday of the eldest

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Sharese(cherrieblossom) J. Vanterpool @school ten years ago

My Daily Panoramic is my Joy!!! Today this chick is thirty…..I’m 42..yea 42 been that for 13 years Her mother is getting old not me..


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Happy Birthday’re making me old….


Thirty Years ago today this young lady came into my life a gift from god and it hasn’t been the same ever since.  I am Blessed and am so much better because of her and can leave this planet a happy man…

Happy Birthday

Sharese You


Vanterpools. L to R
Myles, Rahmani, Savion Funkangeles, Sharese

Daughter & Pop’s

Dad Loves Sharese


Past Tense (grrrrr)

Tough week, so… Took it out on the post. grrrrrr

Incivility is the order of the moment a way bad day!

i will  stab this post and gouge meaning out of it.  Any-kind of way.

Preposterous i’ll be. already unreasoning .

Low quack from a dog

Or vegen  turducken,  it’s look! to b an ass season

dis-respectable un-readable  erudition



obfuscating  sense

emotion so drives me

but now

it’s  all..


It remains  past tense…



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(Vulgar language ahead) 

Some say goodbye and others say fair well

You might hear, So long!

and even, Sleep well!

In Russia, it’s pronounced

“dasveedAnja”  (до свидания)

Les Adieu (Adieux) is French

Adios from my neighbors

in the  south

It’s Ciao, from  Italy’s best

And Here in my world

From a  big sister,  so dear..

Happily, when leaving  us.

It’s, After Supper Mother Fucker!

so0  funny!

oh yea…