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Pertaining to the Heart

Personal pie…    

I wasn’t taught. It was incorporated in my care

And when I became aware

It was everywhere

I liked, my bowl.

I loved…. moms hold.

And When I cried,

Love came,  dried my eyes.

I had it, in my five brothers.

Who’d hit me with a clout.

It’s a smack upside the head.

Saying, little brother look out!

With these gift of compassion,

And brutal kid gloves :).

I knew

A woman who loves me,

Will know

She’d been loved!!

In this life


I  found



Put roots down…

One had we.

then two

Then came a third

Expanded  the crew


Somewhere in this mix

And I don’t know where


Of unravelling

Saying Someone

I don’t Care!!

Being taught

To Talk Find & Relate

Hopeful words


those I ate.

So lost In a world of  love

Not knowing how or what to do!

No hand or holds Grown man,

No love, no soup for you.

I had found my own

Personal hell

She did know love

for  herself..

not begrudging for any blame

her parents

my parent!


Not the same.

My Daughter raised, mostly alone

As a girl she received mostly mom’s scorn..

Far much better for sons,

she imbibed love  for these one.

And Babies are now big

and now strong

and you can bet

They understand love.

Grandma’s form!

On days,

I’ll hold

One  child

And we’ll  talk.

Tell them the truth.

Pay attention, be of good thoughts.

For there are some people

Without instructions

Pertaining to the Heart


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Family Picture Sunday


Family Pictures

The Best of it!!!

Seventeen years ago On Halloween we got a pumpkin
Big Sister, I’ve  got this..Myles the and the big yawn….The little what me??? angel? No i did not do anything Savion’s #1 son…

We welcome  you to the crew Myles.  It’s halloween baby!!, 17 on Hallow’s Eve Day 2012

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Funkangeles    the poppa

Raining somewhere not here..

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Saturday’s Underwhelmed by Overcast. Cloud you squeeze please

Ok I got up, woke up this morning  open my eyesthe brain came on… It was 6am  after writing all night until about 3am.. wasn’t planning to get up that early..rain was in the air it was overcast! Yea!! Thinking about not getting out of bed….
Few minutes later, still waiting for drops to fall and realizing I’m not sleepy..
I begin the day with the fight against gravity Picking up the big head and climb rolling out of bed…
Still, no rain drops, only sprinkles(malnourished rain, rain wanna be’s)..want rain.. sheesh…
Made breakfast, hadn’t in a long time.. Hit the emails up, I received fan mail from the guys up above Starar saying they listened and liked some of my music on Reverbnation. To me that is better than finding money, all a musician could ask for!! Morning!!!!. I listened to Starar.  Sister and Brother from the UK….. I enjoy them! Hope you do too..  The internet is smoking when it comes to international access and talent..   Please listen & tell them Funkangeles a new fan sent you!!! Show  some love to them..ijs

My music that’s my daily thing..composing except for these last few weeks.
I haven’t been in the studio much or practising and WordPress is taking the blame!! Writing frenzy tic descended upon me… It a challenge and successes are satisfying. One is able to emote and unburden massive amounts of life’s toxins without injuring anyone.(hopefully)
I don’t post everything as i’m sure neither do some of youz. (a lot of its JUNK and it’s bitter and unfair and childish).I self edit, I don’t post those. I learn from them. The clarity thingy abounds… It’s great here in the hub of WordPress a great community…

Rain chant..
Rain Rain come today
funky angeles wants his way
Cloud are dark
Cloud are fat
Dang-it rain
Where’s youz at???

I went an took a few picture to post one and got this look!! do u see that?

Raining somewhere not here..

The Hand

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Funk educationist

This is what one would call a funky song. Not wishing to insult anyone. There are so many funky songs in this world done by Men Women of all nationalities..Thinking Average White band,  Scotts, a bunch O funky Scotsmen.. An original. So today, we’ll see  and feel miss Erykah Badu’s back beat funk is bottom shaking…

funky…. Style a table cloth as a dress as well as Carol Burnett….

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Don’t Bind me

I’m dreaming and Emily Litella calls me………..
      Ok , It’s coming into the holidays and lately in my dreams I’m all over the place but this one i’m with Jesus
I like checking in…
       Were chillin, chopping it up, small talk. how Is Michael Clarke Duncan going to fit up in a bed. in heaven?. Hugh Hefner doesn’t have to come he is in heaven already?  haha got jokes..I asked. what was the first  thing ray charles wanted to see?  a way out of hell, because Ike turner won’t shut up….oh ok, Is Red Foxx still hiding behind Richard Pryor who is asking Michael Jackson if he’s going to try again tomorrow to get in? 
   We’re talking  and  not realizing but I’m lying (white lies) and  who i’m dreaming with?  there’s the problem.  He know everything!!!.   I’m soo stupid,  i’d say  i go to church almost every sunday and don’t miss a day, Jesus!…   He’d just look at me and shake his head and say…ha ha that’s hot,  every sunday huh..,… “that’s hot ?”  haha
He reveals to me, Bin laden calls me every day  he doesn’t want the 100 maidens the all look like Idi Amin Dada…fat and bald headed.. And Saddam and son and Gaddafi and Sons keeps ordering mac ribs sandwiches and eating them they can’t stop..  This is Jesus!!! you know, no straight answers. When the goblet is full it will reveal.  Gather yee at the pond and skip rocks until rain reveals that you are truly wet.  And only then you will know If los angeles will ever have a  football team….. You see he is Jesus, and is the revealer, you better understand…woe be unto you if you understand wrong on a revelation..
No no i didn’t say take the burning bush to the mobile gas station!!! You blew everybody up!!!!  That’s not what i revealed!!I can I get it in a statement type form …kinda?  
So I hear a ring!! And Jesus busts out A Galaxy III  looking at me and whispers before answering. I don’t need it but it’s flossy! 
He speak into the phone “Jesus”    LIKE A REGULAR GUY!!!  Think about that!  He can say, do, whatever he wants!!!  “Hello Jesus! died on the cross for you. or “hello Jesus… I know”    They wouldn’t  have to say anything…..  he KNOWS!!!!  So early  Hay-suse was telling me,  he had an iphone five but he kept  finding himself  in the corridors and back lots of hell.  Well the truth be told…. shhhhhh it’s a secret!    The apple new maps os were made in hell and sold to to apple and paid for by……no i told u too much already…just know they killed steve.    
 Jesus said when he had spoke to Steve about it . He was soo pissed,( steve was)that he got Jesus a Samsung III……   Now that’s pissed… So our heavenly son of the father flashed his sammy and said…. one minute and hands me his  phone!!!  
Perplexed, placing to my ear,” Hello? ‘
“Hi”  I hear a  squeaky  tiny voice.
“It’s Emily Litella”.. and she starts in…

What is all this i hear about binding women?  I say emliy..   It is not a very nice thing to do!! When you bind women you can bruise their delicate little wist and the dainty little feet!  Miss Litella, I tried to interrupt, on she continued…  “Especially if your binding them doggy style as  oppose to behind the back….Oh snap emily’s going there, i better stop her… When I was younger, I use to take those binder underneath my.. EMILY!!!!.. ..huh? yes?  And I told her.. A binder full of women. Miss Litella,  A  Binder full of women oh.. ooh that different! Nevermind…..

Oh Oh could you deliver a message for me?  sure i say…

Tell Jane…….She’s still a bitch..Thank you!

Still so sweet!!

And with that I Woke up!
Like Conan O’Brien…. too late and on a station that’s transmitting from pluto, on the AM band with big knobs and tubes with a coat hanger antenna for transmitting….
What I learned..
Don’t watch the debate and drink and eat pizza with cheese in the crust nachos and a hot link… I’ve found a correlation between over cheesing too much beer, the debates, links ,nachos and a Bible on the coffee table.
It’s all in the makings of a strange dream ,A dream  that was just too vivid…..
Then I saw all the pizza  & Nachos gone,  i remember not eating all……and there footprints in the carpet lightly but they were there…leading to a sealed window…….
I smiled….. and took a slurp from an empty can…


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Born for holiday food (Steppenwolf)

English: A slice of homemade Thanksgiving pump...

English: A slice of homemade Thanksgiving pumpkin pie served on a glass plate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Spent the year working  on my temple…Shored it up, put in some work and threw on fresh paint.

(sing with me)

Got the motor humming.

Chiseled out the stomach

Got rid of  one hundred

And trim away the grey…

I’m now

know as distinguish.

Presentation  & consult where utilized ..

My body, I’ve prep meticulous

In the last nine months……

It was true

I’m on a  diet

using  treadmill  3 miles  I glide.

Slice of  pumpkin pie

But apple, he’s my Guy…

Born for Holiday FOOD.

Born for Holiday FOOD.

It can’t be that time again..fAT clothes are  a awaiting……


This Challenge  info



Peach of a’s a squash

Story Challenge the letter P

Pumpkin up Chuck

Pumpkin too many seeds

As I was reading  thru the daily reader a blog i follow had a picture of a bag of Potatoes..The party usually writes the way i like to  read short and swift. And i can thank her for her encouragement… Potatoes DJ? spin that post!!  I have started to read the 400 words or more.  As I find my word count is increasing the more I post..   I’ve found out something about myself…..

I’m a blabber mouth..Yep so it my privilege to offer my p-nutty post.

Pumpkin  is a squash in vegetable family. It’s used for  food and recreation You may have seen squash in many colors and shades even Purple.  genus Cucurbita and the family Cucurbitaceae.   It’s derived from the greek word pepon which mean large melons..f. what a set of pepons?

Pumpion is what our british forefathers called it.. which we now called   Pumpkin.  A pumpkin can be grown up to seventy-five pounds and then some.

They are grown  commercially for feed for livestock and for food also ornamental..

For me personally  it always was my mom’s pumpkin pie with a hint of vanilla ..(now my sisters recipe) And how i would try to talk somebody or sister into helping me bake and salt the seeds, like they did in elementary school statesides.   Which classes in america haven’t baked pumpkin seeds during the holidays.  This hardy squash grows on every continent except Antarctica. The United States of America grows and market the highest yields of the industrial nations..

Pie and Jack-o-lanterns, given to us by the P that Pumpkin begins with..

Pumpkin porn

Pumpkin Porn


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Dracula the Count’s pissed! Installment I

The Count in a modern world….

     I was up late the other evening burning the midnight old.. working hard on a story….I’m up on the third floor attic room with the big picture window it’s affords me lots of privacy. I get important thesis and outlines done up here.  Mancave on high.. So I’m working hard…. focused on my screen… Becca…….huh? naw the details aren’t important…(heard from the screen) “yes baby all the way doown..ohoh…bang that big nasty.     When i heard a light tapping at the window    but  because of my focus on getting this work done…the tapping turned into more of  banging? Then the tapping  got loud  &  louder…I cursed to myself,  dirtyfrickinglittleassholeshi!.darn it i said!.  I was almost done with this a ahum chapter outline….  And here is one of them damn neighbor kids is looking for one of my kids, they’re out! At sleepover i holler, f*ck Perky dingles nutz.. is what came to mind.  I’m on the third floor, they must have gotten a hold of ladder and climbed up..Dragging my ass over to windows, I see it’s not a kid at all. What i see in my window is  and old bald headed guy and with some f*cked-up  choppers…skin green.. But that wasn’t the worst of it the DUDE WAS JUST STANDING THERE,  F L O A T I N G!!!    LOOKING AT ME WITH RED/GOLD GLOWING EYES…
 I was a thirteen year old girl meeting Justin Bieber, high pitched response , “How are you doing that that shit???”…blurted right out of my mouth. not waiting for and answer while slowly  backing up, i tripped over my pants.  Shockingly, around my ankles…. Not the time for this nor time for explanation/ justification, and..forget ya’ll, divorced ok??  dang.. falling on my bum, while backing up. I’m looking up at him thru the window and he doesn’t look to sadistically evil he just looks kinda pissed but still spooky, shit he’s floating.  He gesturing to me to get up and come over and open the window!  So looking around for witness or help..upon hearing nothing..but his craggy breathing outside the words….” I, I, wait a a min minnuesha a sec..I” stammering like I lost my mind.  I got up to cross..I got a little bold.. I got a big  cross..a big silver cross yea… and silver bullets and silver gun and I eat and shit garlic…. so you don’t want no part of this and i got herpes t will that stop you?….Then I notice something strange, he had a pig with him…had it in his arm all the time..I didn’t notice this until it squealed. He looked at me then the pig and answered before i could even ask him.  He said.. “I mayhaps geth thy thirst, whilst we spaked…thusly i carry ah, how do-ith you young flesh bags say? A  fourtheth  , a houceth with thee, thus insuring that I  bringing no harm to thee. Or some crap like that, real Victorian spooky like..missing wasonly the spooky music. Easing over to my work station…Seing it was 3:30am, sunrise in two and half hours, note to self.   I picked up the blunt and smoked .. He saw me kick back and try to chill. Knowing i was decision making,  And so did he, after twenty min or so he took a slurp of pig..   I took a drag and checked to see if i had my damn camera phone. Finally having my courage steeled up. I rose and slowly approached and blurted……
YOU WANT TO BITE ME!!!   His response was, “No No not so, young flesh..” he spoked. “Since your-ith thyne writer, We have a need (i’ll translate 4 u now)  for someone like you. I  do require your service for which i shall reward you..
Shit I almost fell for it, until he said reward.  Naw mother fucker you ain’t rewarding me!!! fuck you, make me undead for the rest of time, no thanks, nope, no me, you got cash?   thirteen year old girl meeting Justin Bieber, high pitchedmy quick retort….. Which seem to fume him a  just a little. He then reached in his vest,  Pulled a gold coin out twirled it in his bony fingers and simultaneously took a pig slurp while keeping his spooky ass eyes on me. Flicking the coin and slurping all in one motion…     subconsciously showing me,
Dracula can multi-task.  I better watch myself with this dude.   I opened the window and invited him to a chair….fucker starts by showing off.  Turns himself  into mist, the pig drops to the floor with a thud..Still alive just woozy from blood loss. Then materializes in chair  next to my computer.  Spooky shit this is some spooky shit, bout to pinch a loaf off, got the give this dude serious props….Pale and pointy nosed and dank looking green, but smelled like Channel no. 5????  Wat the fuck’s going on?..self don’t fuck up. I pick up as he’s been talking.. ” I’m Count Vlad Dracula”..he said and was also speaking about igor his manservant.  It seems Igor went and opened a Facebook account, it was low key and personal and so he didn’t mind Igor,occupying his daytime hours with such a trivial things. Then that movie came out about the teen vampires and werewolves ..what was the name he ask me? Twilight I said.  “Ahh Twilight? Right craplight ever since that crap came out Igor and I can’t get these young fucker to leave me  the fuck alone….what is wrong with them???”  Here read this …he touches my screen and poof his email at fb shows up…his likes are  at 140,032,981 and it was rising as we spoke.. I read.. Texas, laredo..Igor I’ll show you it again if you’ll send your master over to suck me.. twilight is the best of all time..proms this weekend and i need to be looking drop dead goth Beth!.   Billy, Ohio, dude count!  make me a vampire so i won’t  be so sucky? but I’d be real sucky.  Compton..Phlydog,  count fuck twilight  with your bitch ass.  I’m gang bangalanging  and if you could come over and make me a werewolves i’ll be all to smell the wimmin in heat and i won’t have to use a cap anymore i’ll be able to tear shit up..hook a ninja up..yo. See? assine comments he complained with that thick accent I continued..    BH, Cal..Buffy former vampire slayer… count,  i can’t get any work, everybody want to be a damn vampire, they won’t let me kill anything..    soooo if i can like, come over to your casket,  maybe this weekend???  I’m going to join u guys…and this type of messages went on for pages.  As I read, he slouch down further and reached for his forty ounce pig and took a slurp…then to my surprise he reached into the ashtray  and grabbed the blunt.  Putting it to his wrinkled thin ass  lips,  it just lit, from the far end….how?  Where do he get those toys??   Internally… I inquired
  Looking over at the notorious  Count Vlad Dracula of Transylvania from my chair he didn’t look that notorious right now. He was a shell of the vicious killer we all heard about as children, he looked tired and beat .. I felt a tinge of  sadness for this demon, lost without no one to  fear him, the world has  changed..   What chance do he have?  We spoke a little more he told about the three sister….. I don’t know, maybe because i could understand him and related and he didn’t bite me. I wanted to help. 
Some of these kids today are insensitive, are so passe.. spoiled, computer twenty-four seven. Cars at sixteen…. momma i want a tatoo on my hoohoo…and cruel I hope you die daddy, i want to be a vampire! i can do  make-up  sooo cool and not much is needed.. And look mom & dad… you’ll never have to pay for a funeral..ever! see!  Alway looking for the silver lining. So count is blunted now and he’s upside down… floating about the chair..yup upside down..fucked up and sad. What the hell am I to do?   He want helps, he needs help…i gotta  help this guy…I kinda like this blunt smoking, pig slurping upside down  chap!   Hey Count smile..As I snapped a pic……
My evening with the count

The Count

I’m going need help..
Halloween Silly sweets..