A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

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Blasphemous or Not? A Poll

So on Facebook someone posted this. I was looking at the comments and I noticed someone else saying that this was blasphemous…  I stopped and almost denied myself a chuckle.   Then I looked up Blasphemous : the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for a religious deity or the irreverence towards religious or holy persons or things…..

Is it wrong?

So it’s touchy

OK if Maury could test the blood it wouldn’t be Joseph we know that!!. Maury  is just telling the truth

To me that is  funny!

This is funny man!!!

So God forgive me…

Funkangeles .


A Card A Bird and Certification

Holiday Card

They all looked at me….. Cascading River of water is now flowing out of the room….All eyes are wet and they are not liking politics. Not a republican among them. With the imagery of Long Gone Big Bird, the kids  learned a about a new bird and wanted to share the exciting Salute with the Governor.. All because we saw this picture …

Family Trip for bird

Last trip for bird

Bird knew,  he saw the writing on the TelePrompter….The millionaire was out to get him. They need money for the war machine not PBS…. Bird’s sad, very sad..

A wave to Mitt

He’s very angry and I tried talking to him but…..

Bird’s Strapped

I just got my paperwork in on time and  here!!!! I Got it !!! So shut up, when i’m speaking when we go out…

I can say I’m licensed


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Yay Me..Brand New Educational Opportunity..yaaaaay

Hi Kids

I was awarded a substantial financial grant to continue school.  I’m soooo happy!!!!   I was going over the reference material the school sent me.  It’s gonna take three years  😦   But I choose the accelerated classes, so I’ll be done a year sooner!   It’s in a field I  don’t think I have the exuberance for, but I got experiences  that could assist me in being  successful..  It was suggested, one should live on-campus… So I’m packed and getting ready to move on.  So this is bye kids see you two years…scary and suspenseful huh?  but dad’s gamed..

Oh.. the admin office sent me a video. The school works to assist in curing fevers….. Oh Boy!!!!!!


I gotta pick one for this semester..could you help me pick?

Higher learning

Cowbell College

I got a fever Only thing to cure it, is MORE COWBELL!!!


Master Cowbellist….