A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Born for holiday food (Steppenwolf)


English: A slice of homemade Thanksgiving pump...

English: A slice of homemade Thanksgiving pumpkin pie served on a glass plate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Spent the year working  on my temple…Shored it up, put in some work and threw on fresh paint.

(sing with me)

Got the motor humming.

Chiseled out the stomach

Got rid of  one hundred

And trim away the grey…

I’m now

know as distinguish.

Presentation  & consult where utilized ..

My body, I’ve prep meticulous

In the last nine months……

It was true

I’m on a  diet

using  treadmill  3 miles  I glide.

Slice of  pumpkin pie

But apple, he’s my Guy…

Born for Holiday FOOD.

Born for Holiday FOOD.

It can’t be that time again..fAT clothes are  a awaiting……


This Challenge  info



Author: Funkangeles

Finding myself one story at time..and... Really, where are you? My Band.. Musically inclined to encourage humans and non humans, to enjoy themselves...

7 thoughts on “Born for holiday food (Steppenwolf)

  1. Haha, quite funny 🙂 thnx for sharing 🙂


  2. Ha, fun and too true!


  3. Hilarious! Oh, that pumpkin pie. And don’t forget the gingerbread, either!


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