A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Rain the wide shot

Rain Thursday’s on me

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Rain I love thee

Damn son I’ve been waiting, waiting for a long time for you to show. Get your blustery act in motion yo. I know you don’t get around much to visiting us in Los Angeles. You could call more. But I’m always glad when you do finally make an appearance. Amazed at you renewal and refreshing ability your skills set is top notch.

Rain you are so cleansing and your soothing relaxing to me.  I’d daydream all day if i could. (I think i have today)

I see The plants reach upward while being batter down, Strong tall trees swaying from the winds the nourishment rain that’s splashing and pummelling leaves racing down past abandoned nest over bark (nature’s armor) accustomed to wet it send water to limbs down to roots happily washing cleaning all the way.  
The Sky implodes with kinetic electrical charges sends water flying out in one direction, down..sometime sideways..
Rain down… me, mellow.. Smiles

And Sex…Oh.. yes a delightful environment enhancement .  It’s like God is rooting for you..

“yo i’m shoot down some thunderbolts and make it all scary and wet and proper….so handle that son… thanks JC
rain on baby…

Even the birds of the day are quietly enjoying the rain from a covered spot, I would think.

Splashing…a life love

Sad that some are sad on these days, I can’t comprehend but i judge not…hope you find your hope. the rain raining… pitter patter,  plankety splashty splash and the occasional car driving by, making that wet pavement noise.  Drip drip drip the gutter is getting in the silent caress of mother earth sending water and cleaning itself, the leaves that build up.

Wet dogs barking..because dry one’s don’t.

I love the rain it’s a renewal cycle. It’s been repeating itself for millennium  our ancestors enjoyed it stayed out of it kept the kids out of it and so on. Our descendants  should  also enjoy it as long as we don’t  screw the pooch and we doing it looking for oil and gas..the cycle we will  mess it up.

I remember looking out the window during the rain in Connecticut wishin I could go out but not being able to.. mom and her hearsay about cold’s. New London, Connecticut it’s close to the water. Seagull’s screeching happily fish are coming up to the top to see the rain (my view) and they’re making easy picking..

I love rain rain lifts my spirits and make this romantic mindwander…

I’m useless due to rain…haha new slogan.

Oh Rain, I dance
 A drop or two from you
Me……I prance
Wet  water
your order
its a bet
My inner child’s giddy, smiles and splashes down
Spirit is high…. Lift, I fly
Crisp as described
Air so fresh
Come down rain
Be our guest
Father thank you
YOU WANT ME TO DRIVE WHERE?  in this rain??    (I can’t tell them)
I’ll get my boots…wheeeeeeeeeeeeRain the wide shot

The sky she cries

Author: Funkangeles

Finding myself one story at time..and... Really, where are you? My Band.. Musically inclined to encourage humans and non humans, to enjoy themselves...

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