A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Monday, it could be worst…

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Hey wassup yo?


Top of the Morning fine folks ….(your pick) hope  this weekend  was good to you.

(*silly side  note: don’t you love how “yo” does it for everything..yo?)

Happy Monday, Huh? oh  hungover ..great great  that’s was good used of your own free time ..carry on. Yea?, you got in some Jesus time in on sunday! Good. repetition and stability are tenets of good faith..I’m down. Ha you stayed under covers until  first kick-off and ate cold pizza and had cracked a beer by 1pm..Love it!  Liking that! cold beer & overnight Pizza…I think these are an important part of  the male food nutritional group.  Vitamins B & if the pizza has onions and green peppers…Well we’re talking  bonus points extra score!!!!

My weekend was quite and only thing worth mentioning> got a frantic call from an old friend she was cooking and a mouse dashed. through… she been living there for six  or more years and the exterminaton come annually. I guess the heat sent one critter inside to cool off…No my friend, a lady..that has and fired legitimately a gun. On occasions I’ve seen her pull this puppy out…not use it but she gun ranges..So me I’m a wuss don’t like em don’t want one. I ain’t scared just not a fan..seen to much life evaporate behind senseless metal projectile,no discrimination and with unintended consequences…..

I got an early morning call, a mice was seen and she was ready to move out of the house  and maybe the state. When i went over, i had to go to the back door because she was not walking through the kitchen…

As funny as I think this is,  She’s doesn’t  thinks so and has failed to mention this fear to me in 30 years of friendship…..After gathering my decorum, I and a special team of mice killers (flown in of course)  hunted every crack and crevices and did not see the varmint, So we  laid out plans to lay  traps and then we excused the swat team. The National guard recalled the airlift chopper ….

All in all  i had a great weekend looking for friday already  and remember it can always be worst so thank  God, buddha, Allah  or nobody non religious (I love your independance) No hell to stress

You could live next to or on the block with this character’s home. They have a right, but somebody’s Really crazy I’m just saying   ImageMonday, it could be worst…

O you love a circus

O we love a circus

Funkangeles yo!
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Author: Funkangeles

Finding myself one story at time..and... Really, where are you? My Band.. Musically inclined to encourage humans and non humans, to enjoy themselves...

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