A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Funk is not use…

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Funk is not used today as much. This generation doesn’t use the word. It’s not in the vernacular. I don’t hear it! It does not come outta their mouths. It’s an old description, but nothing has came & replaced it. So don’t discriminate. I use it and love using it! (examples to follow) Shout-out to Funk & Wagnalls for stay real and keeping it right! I like ..

More for me!!

To me it’s not just a syncopated timing matter thing, grooving. It’s a way of life for me at least. I want a little funk in almost everything..I want Funk in the mornings I want Funk in evenings, I want Hot Funk in the summer, needs me some Cold Funk in the winter also Cold Funk is a band featuring Lydia Pense. Funk is SEXY,Funk is wet,nk is Funk is a dog playing with a kitten, Funkyness runs among my closest and dearest friends. My ladies friends are funky. Got a Funky daughter with a Funky Cool Funky Job. Got two Funky boys with a Funky,Funky room…. Literally. And they have beautiful Funky souls. My white friends are Funky my Asian people, Mexican people, African & European they’re funky. Moscow’s knows Funk, Iraq got the Funk, Iran trying to spill the Funk, Israel wants to bring the Funk
(The following line is the property of James Brown) aaaahwwoo huh hit me haaaaha….hey hey HEY!!

Had a Funky wife…she got the funk out..and hence, lost her Funk..Bye! Funky computer and Funky thoughts with Funky desires…Hope that not to much Funk for yewes.



Author: Funkangeles

Finding myself one story at time..and... Really, where are you? My Band.. Musically inclined to encourage humans and non humans, to enjoy themselves...

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