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Danger!! Stupid people can poke and eye out

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Really? I had no idea!!! I went to my 20yr old for a pencil. I remember seeing him with a brand new box a few weeks earlier.He send me to his room and on the dresser was a a brand new package of pencils ….SHARPENED!!!! purchased that way .I was so surprised. I guess it just shows how old I’m am. If a kid in my day had that many sharpened pencils he was an artist or a terrorist….Ok ok, they weren’t using the word terrorist yet, so we’ll go with ah.. bully. That many pointy things? In my day some teacher would have sent you to the dean and write to the school board, complaining on how dangerous pre-sharpen pencils are! Then they would knee jerk react and pull all pre-sharpen pencils..claiming “somebody can poke and I out”..

Note: as long as I’ve been going to school I’ve been waiting for the proverbial PYEO..(pokeyoureyeout) indecent to happen.They need to run the numbers again, it’s not a legit complaint in my personal experience.. (Please don’t respond with stats. joke.ok?)
Do they frisk for pencils now a days?….they should.. You can poke and eye out..


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