A World O Funk…. Damn-it! where is my band?

Hello world!


Hello World I’m Funkangeles which eventually will be a band. You can guess the type of music and geographical location by name..

I’m east coast born and raised. Manhatten, New York. left/taken when i was five-year old to travel. Five years and then on to a different location. my Mom being and island woman was a true gypy..So  with stops in St. Thomas VI, New London, Conn,Long Beach, Los Angeles was the last place..when she moved to Long beach I was staying in Los Angeles..ha..My mom moved to San Bernardino and then to Virgina then to Atlanta then unfortunately I lost my Mom the traveling woman when she turn Sixty-Five years old….My mom was great and full of love and compassion and I truly miss her. She was always pleasant even when she was giving out whooping, to my brothers or I. She was so good-natured and mellow. Island woman, she could cook! There would always been lines at our house when the holidays came along. All my brother and sisters and their buddies. Some the mom would want a plate brough back by one of the boy.
I loved making my mom laugh. She was my best friend I felt it was my birth right to keep her in stitches she was an easy touch. My six brother and two sister and I tested her…..

Oh the Blog

I Play Bass I play a lot of bass in Los Angeles I went to Dorsey High and play bass in the Jazz band and electric bass in the marching band . I continued at LACC got an AA in music.. Played a lot of Churches in Los Angeles if you went to church you saw me…I play with a few bands..The most renown would be Taxie whom had a Local hit on 580 kday… Rock don’t stop, 1980…

Jumping to now.. I haven’t been playing much in the last 10 years.  I just started to get my funk on again. I will be generation contacts for potential musician to play with….

This reminds me!

Story Time

I play with a Band Zeff and the Ravers (i was a raver:)Reggae band. It seem’s Zeff was on the radio here in La talking to Roger Steffens on what is know as the Reggae Beat on the weekend.  Zeff was moaning he didn’t have a bassy for the a gig so as Roger broadcasted of course somebody called me and plugged me in with them boys..ha the best of times. I was already doing lots of reggae with my boy Jawge Hughes and the UKB which was green source back in the late eighties ….

Anyway I compose mostly must get back to playing. Soul,R&B,Jazz,Reggae but FUNK IS IN EVERYTHING cause I’m there..ijs… recognize, this is the dawn of Funkangeles…….


Author: Funkangeles

Finding myself one story at time..and... Really, where are you? My Band.. Musically inclined to encourage humans and non humans, to enjoy themselves...

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    • Dear auto respond monkey. May I call you automonk?
      A BIG THANK YOU! This momentous beginnings to our relationship will be galaxian!!! ..When I saw you where 1st on my comment list I just giggled like a Mitt Romney supporter who just found out Obama still might be muslim..boy giggle giggle.
      A few ground rules the way your the best! I know your going send to me unsolicited correspondence which you’ll deem “necessary” to… ah keep the world spinning on it proper axis.. I understand automonk do your thing (remember you are my 1st) I have a life and I might not turn on my computer some days…ok? or my cell,carcomputer,psp,table,ipad,netbook,notebook,ultrabook,grilfriendbook,neighbors,workcomputer,workIpad,Iphone,workps3,xbox,extraemergencyAndroidphone…but i will hurriedly read and not respond to anything you send because your a Monkey!…. Who can’t read So if I said bite me & your mamma sleeps with orangutans… you wouldn’t get it! Anyway LOVE YOU! without you…i’m without you. Remember You are my 1st (I meant, like me not bite)
      your boy Funk


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